Fijit Friends $15.00 {Back In Stock}

If you can’t find the Fijit Friends in store, they are available again online.

Check Out: Fijit Friends

If Fijit Friends are on your list, you will want to hurry over for this deal. They are $15.00 each on They go very quickly, so be sure to get yours now. They are currently $44.00 on Amazon.

Let us know if the price or availability of this has changed.


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  • sharon

    thanks for posting!
    I had the blue one in my cart, but by the time I went to check out, it was out of stock, so settled for pink instead. Great savings!

  • Kris

    I had just ordered mine from WalMart before I saw your post :) I got one (the blue) for $15 free site to store pick up by Friday. The site showed all in stock-for now. Good luck to those that are still looking!