Hot: 18 x 24 Canvas $32.99 Shipped {Last Day for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery}

This is a sweet deal on photo canvases from Canvas People. They make a fantastic gift – but, today is the last day to order for Christmas Delivery.  You can get a 18 x 24 canvas for $32.99 shipped!

I absolutely love canvases!  I have about 12 in total in my house.  I use them to capture just everyday moments!

You can pick just about any high quality picture!

Check out:  18 x 24 Canvas $32.99 Shipped


  1. Alicia

    Is this deal still going to be good tomorrow? They are having issues with the website, i’ve been trying to check out for over 30 minutes now!

  2. Kim

    :( I was finalizing details, clicked the back button to change something, and now the 18×24 is $102.99 :(

    • Kim

      Never mind

      • Alicia

        Exit out and click on the link above on here again, and start over. It will be back down to the 32 dollar price.

  3. Janelle

    Does anyone know if they will print a copyright photo? I ordered one of our vow renewal (from 4 years ago that we never had printed lol). When I bought the image I bought the right to print on my own but wasn’t sure how it worked?

    • Jillian

      I did one last yr of a photo I did have the copyright for but they never asked for it so I m assuming they would.

  4. Beth Ulcay

    The code is not working for me. It says that I will be charged $112. Is there some code that I need to enter. HELP me please

    • For the Mommas

      No.. are you adding any items in the process or are you just saying no?

      • Beth Ulcay

        I am not adding any items in the process, just saying no to the frame and special effects.???

        • Beth Ulcay

          The canvas was the wrong size. Thanks for your help.

  5. Anonymous

    Will this post still be available tonight? I want to place an order but im at work :(

    • Amy

      Will this post still be available tonight? I want to place an order but I am in work – pictures are at home. ( i posted above with no name so re-did it.)

      • For the Mommas

        yes amy it will be!

  6. Karen

    Love your pictures, handsome little boy!!!

    • For the Mommas

      aww thanks Karen :) He is my best buddy!

      • Karen

        I had one of them, he’s now almost 20 and still my buddy!!!!

        • For the Mommas

          awww Karen, I don’t want him to be 20 :(

      • Nicole

        What a handsome guy!! Love you Evan!

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