Easy Almond Butter Bread Recipe

Almond Butter Bread

So, I am missing bread. I really do miss it. So I looked for a Almond Butter Bread. I tried this recipe on Cooking Caveman and it was good, but kinda bland. It also was a bit more dense than I would have liked.  Now, this recipe isn’t going to be exactly like bread – but […]

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Pumpkin Bread with a Penuche Glaze

Pumpkin Bread

This fantastic recipe came from reader Alison P. It is an easy pumpkin bread. The bread isn’t dense, its light and moist. It literally took me 10 minutes to whip this up. Trust me, you can make this just as quick as the boxed stuff. Alison’s recipe was perfect for a bread. There are some […]

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Recipe: Honey Oat Bread

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know I was seeking recipes to try in my bread machine. I tried Jenny’s bread and it is delish! This is a recipe for Honey Oat Bread courtesy of Jenny at DIY Parenting. Note from Jenny: This recipe is for a 2 pound loaf. I usually […]

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Waste Not Banana Bread

I sometimes have the best intentions to use the food that I buy. I got a great deal on bananas and bought too many. They sat on the counter and I kept looking thinking I will use them tomorrow. I opened one and even though the outside looked ugly, the they were fine on the […]

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