Kraft Cheese Recall – Check Your Fridge

Kraft cheese

Kraft Cheese Recall There has been Kraft Cheese Recall.  You will want to check the Kraft Cheese Singles that are in your fridge and then check here for the details on the recall. Kraft says in a statement that anyone who bought the cheese should not eat it. It should be returned to the store […]

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What’s On Sale in August


What’s On Sale In August Are you looking for a bargain this month? Here are some of the items you can expect to find on sale in the month of August! Food:  Fruits and vegetables that you can find in season Fruits: Peaches,Plums,Raspberries,Strawberries,Tomatoes,Blackberries,Blueberries Cantaloupe,Cherries,Figs,Grapes, Mangoes,Melons,Nectarines Vegetables: Garlic,Green beans,Green onions,Okra,Onions,Peas,Potatoes,Radishes,Scallions,Shallots,Summer squash, Zucchini,Avocados,Basil,Bell Peppers,Beets,Cilantro,Corn,Cucumbers,Eggplant. Back To School Supplies […]

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Barnes & Nobles Summer Reading Program 2014

Barnes & Noble Reading Program 2104

Barnes & Noble Kids Summer Reading Program Kids can earn a free book with The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program. To earn your free book, read any eight books this summer and record them in the Barnes & Noble Journal. Bring the completed journal to a Barns & Noble Store between May 2oth  and […]

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How To Coupon At CVS


What is the CVS coupon policy? Here is the CVS Coupon Policy! What are Extra Care Bucks (ECBs)? ECBs are rewards that you get for: buying a qualifying item spending a certain amount in the store during a quarter of the year spending a certain amount of money on certain items (like beauty items). They […]

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Walmart: New Organic Line

Organic .jpg

Walmart announced that  it will carry Wild Oats organic food items. Walmart will be rolling out about 100 items and they are claiming price points will be about 25% less than other organics. If you have limited options for shopping, this may be a good option if you like to eat organic. Here is the […]

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Five Easy Steps to Get Started With Coupons


I have had so many people ask me .. but HOW do you do this? It seems so complicated. I don’t understand and this can’t be worth my time.  I want to present you 5 relatively easy steps to get started.  They may take some time, but they aren’t hard and will  have a big […]

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Coupon Anatomy: Understanding a Manufacturer Coupon

understanding manufacturer coupons.jpg

  Before you can be a successful couponer, you must understand what a coupon is and how it works. Today’s post will exam a coupon and what each part of a coupon means. Even if you already know what a coupon is, this is a great refresher on terminology. There are two types of coupons that you […]

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How to Organize Your Coupons: File Method

file method.jpg

The file by insert method is a quick way to organize your coupons.  To get started, you will need file folders, a marker/crayon, hanging folders and some sort of filing cabinet.   You can choose to use a portable filing box or a real filing cabinet. Step 1: Organize inserts into piles by type, i.e […]

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How To Organize Coupons: Binder & Accordion Methods

how to organize your coupons.jpg

  I really want to emphasize that there is not one perfect way to organize your coupons. Most people try one or more methods to find which works for them.   Do not get discourage if you are not successful on your first try. When you are deciding which method you will use, think about […]

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How To Understand Coupon Matchups

how to understand coupon matchups

There are many different ways that blogs do coupon matchups.  You might not see the same format on each blog. There are several items that you will find in most matchups: The Product The Price of that Product Coupons you can use with that product The price of the product per unit you will pay […]

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