Five Easy Steps to Get Started With Coupons


I have had so many people ask me .. but HOW do you do this? It seems so complicated. I don’t understand and this can’t be worth my time.  I want to present you 5 relatively easy steps to get started.  They may take some time, but they aren’t hard and will  have a big […]

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How to Stack Coupons

how to stack coupons.jpg

To begin maximize your savings, you can use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one item.  This is referred to as coupon stacking. Coupon stacking is one of most effective ways to save money. Coupon stacking is not to be confused with doubling coupons.  Doubling coupons means the store will take the value of […]

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Coupon Anatomy: Understanding a Manufacturer Coupon

understanding manufacturer coupons.jpg

  Before you can be a successful couponer, you must understand what a coupon is and how it works. Today’s post will exam a coupon and what each part of a coupon means. Even if you already know what a coupon is, this is a great refresher on terminology. There are two types of coupons that you […]

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How to Get Free Gas at Giant


How to Get Free Gas at Giant Are you wondering how people get free gas at Giant? Are you thinking about how to make Gas Deals work for you? Do you have lots of questions about the Giant Gas Rewards? I have good news for you, the FTM Team has come up with this huge […]

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How to Get Coupons In The Mail

10 tips for Getting High Value Coupons in the Mail

How to Get Coupons In The Mail Here are some suggestions on ways to help ensure that you will receive the coupons you are requesting. Although we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same coupons as we did, it will help your chances if you follow these guidelines. Do:  Personalize your inquiry. Compliment and […]

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New Cartwheel App From Target!


Good news, Cartwheel app is now available for Iphone and Android Phones! From Target Website: In May, Target introduced Cartwheel—a digital savings program currently in beta—and encouraged guests to provide feedback. Guests clamored for a Cartwheel app for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones, and the free app is now available for download at GooglePlay and the Apple App Store, giving you better access to […]

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Rite Aid Wellness+ Program Discount

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 1.15.07 PM

There have been quite a few questions about how you get a discount at Rite Aid.   Here is a synopsis of the Rite Aid Wellness+ Discount: How to Earn: You earn 1 Point for each $1.00 you spend (minus restricted items) You earn 25 Points for each prescription you fill . Discount Levels: You […]

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Ask FTM: What Does NLA Mean?


Today’s ask FTM comes from reader Jenny from FL: Shannon, I often see the letters NLA after a coupon.. what does this mean? Good question Jenny! If you see a coupon that looks like this: $1.00/1 Skippy Peanut Printable Coupon  NLA The NLA means No Longer Available.   This means the coupon has run out […]

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How To Coupon at Rite Aid | Learn to Coupon

Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 1.25.30 PM

  How to Coupon at Rite Aid. Part I  You can see all the prior Learn to Coupon series here. Today we will be discussing using Coupons at Rite Aid. We will break down the Rite Aid Coupon policy and matchups.  Rite Aid’s Coupon Policy can be found here. Rite Aid offers several ways to […]

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Stockpile Price List | Decide on Your Buy Price

Earlier this year I did a series on Stockpile Prices. I am frequently asked what my stockpile prices are.  I am republishing this for the newer couponers.  Please be sure to read this entire post before using the lists. This series has included Stock Up Prices on Meat, Stock Up Prices on Household Staples, Stockup Prices on Toiletries , Stock […]

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