My Coupon Says To Redeem at Walmart. Will My Store Accept it?


“My Coupon Says to Redeem it at Walmart. Will my store accept the coupon?” This is a common question . You have printed a coupon   from, Red Plum, or SmartSource  and you wanted to use it at another retailer, but it has Walmart written all over it?   What do you do?  Will […]

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Free Home Inventory Worksheet – Planning for Disaster

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.31.29 AM

We have had several readers who have lost their stockpile in floods recently. This is not only devastating, but also emotionally taxing.  While it is hard to keep an exact value of your stockpile, here are a few tips and a worksheet you can use. Print: FREE Home Inventory Worksheet  1. Print this Home Inventory […]

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Buying Coupons on Ebay


Buying Coupons on Ebay I wanted to update you on buying coupons on Ebay. If you rely on Ebay as a source or sell coupons on Ebay, you may want to read up on this new policy.  I also thought this was an interesting part of the policy: Also, you can’t claim that the price […]

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How Does Plink Work?


What is Plink?  I have been posting about Plink lately and many of you have questions. I have listed some of the FAQ from the Plink site here. As always, I would say if you are uncomfortable with an offer – don’t do it!  However, this company is very secure and I have personally used […]

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Where’s The Beef?

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 8.05.54 AM

I just purchased my first cow! Well, this is half a cow shown above. I had the pleasure of working with Meadow Mountain Farms, a local farm who raise grass fed beef. Many of you have asked about where to or how to find a local farm to purchase your meat.  I wanted to start a […]

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Ask FTM: How Do I Change the Zip Code on


    How To Change Zip Code on Reader Missy asks: Hey Shannon, I hate this new layout on For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to change my zip code. Can you help? Hey Missy, Unfortunately, with the new layout, it doesn’t seem to actually change your zip […]

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Pay It Forward & Hug The Ones You Love

giving forward

I am not even sure where to start with this post.  I have tried to write it 10 different ways and always end up in tears.  So, this post isn’t going to be eloqouent or perfectly written, but … Life is precious. Life is amazing. Life is sweet. Life is short. These are all things […]

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Donate From Your Stockpile

HolidayDrive copy

If you are looking for a way to help this holiday season, considering giving from your stockpile. Many area shelters and pantries are looking for just the basics. If you look at the list below, many of the items we get for free are needed. If you are in the Berks County, PA area, please […]

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Hurricane Sandy Relief – Where to Donate & Add Your Location


I have received so many emails asking about help for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I wanted to share a few places I am aware of and hope that you will do the same. FTM is based in the Pennsylvania, and many in PA, NJ and NY have been affected by this hurricane.  I can’t […]

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Printing from on Windows 8

Coupon Printing with Windows 8 If you have recently upgraded to Windows 8, you will not be able to print coupons from across all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) while operating in Metro mode. The coupon printer uses an Active X control that has been disabled by Microsoft in Windows 8 Metro Mode. To print […]

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