Giant – Free GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs

This deal is valid today and tomorrow at Giant.

This week at Giant, you can pick up free GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs. GE Lightbubls are on sale for $1.00 each, plus when you purchase three, you’ll get a $3.00 oyno catalina coupon.

Buy (3) GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs $3.00
Pay $3.00
Get $3.00 oyno catalina coupon

Thanks, Bonnie.

Please note, there is no official information on this catalina.  The catalina is printing as of today.

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  • JX

    the catalina was still printing as of 6:30pm today.

  • Andrea

    I did this deal Saturday 11/3 morning using the coupons and received the catalina. I went back Saturday evening around 5pm to try it again and did not receive the catalina. Does anyone know if this has been stopped?

    • For the Mommas

      Andrea, it sounds like the deal is over.

  • Lorri

    I bought 3 GE energy smart at Giant (16803) for $1 each and used one coupon $1/2 printed from smartsource . The catalina did not print out. Gaint only paid out of pocket back when I returned them and they said they could not return my coupon as well.

  • Lisa

    Thank you picked up 12 today (sep trans) might get more when I pick the boy up from work

  • Mike Wingard

    I purchase 3 at Martins (aka Giant) for 10/10 or $1 each and the catalina did not print.

  • Lancaster Mom

    If I buy 12 of the $1 light bulbs in one transaction (in order to get the 200 gas points), will 4 of the $3 catalinas print? Or will only one $3 catalina print per transaction?

    • tinA

      only 1

    • Kristen M.

      buy 10 to get your gas per transaction then get a 3.00 catalina :)
      9/16 inserts have 1/1.00 ge light bulb coupon!!!!!!! making this a money maker

  • Megan

    Hey guys do you know if its the same deal at Martin’s?

  • Jason

    16 light bulbs for $2.56. That would be a good deal in my book

    • Jason

      correction 16 light bulbs for 96 cents even better deal, miscalculated
      the first time.

  • Diane

    I got an advertisement of the catalina from GIANT. Below are the details listed.

    The catalina runs 10/29/12 to 11/25/12.
    It’s for GE reveal, GE energy smart or GE energy-efficient soft white.
    Buy 2 get $2 cat. Buy 3 get $3 cat.

    • For the Mommas

      Thanks Diane.


    If you spend $10 on the bulbs you also get 200 points!

  • Carol

    anyone know if there’s a limit on the catalina since it’s also a gas deal. could make for a really great deal!!

    • tinA

      I did multiple deals in several transactions and got the catalina every time. So yes you can roll the catalina for more free bulbs.

  • lauren

    Does this deal include the ge reveal bulbs? There’s a printable for those.

    • Allie

      do you know where the printable is located? (, smartsource, etc) Thank you!!!!

  • bonnie

    i got a cat on sunday for them to and i used my $1 coupons on it

  • Shannon S

    There is a $1.00 off coupon that expires 12/16 that you can use with this – sorry I am not sure what week I cut it out from

    • Shannon S

      Coupon is in the 9/16 SS

    • Laura

      I used that coupon that expires 12/16 :) I found it in the 09/16/12 SS. Also, I forgot to check the tag the first time I went to Giant this week, so when I stopped back in I checked the tag, and at my Giant it says the sale ends 11/10. My guess is that the gas points may not carry over to next week, but at least the sale price should :)