Walmart Black Friday Ad 2012

The Walmart Black Friday ad is officially available. Walmart is offering an instock guarantee n the three items – including a$148.00 TV, a $38 Blu-ray and an Ipad 2 during Event 1 on November 22nd.

They are also breaking their sales into different “events”, with specified times for the sales.

View: Walmart Black Friday Ad

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  • Dielle

    Ug, why even call it black “Friday”? That ad is for ON thanksgiving.

    • Kim

      I know! Right? I would be disowned if I got up from the family gathering and said, “OK, I know you all came from across the country to visit us for the holiday, but, I’m going shopping at [name your store] so I can get some real bargains!” DEADLY glares and stares!

    • Tawna

      A lot of the stuff you can order on line starting very soon. Thats what I did last year. I was on the net as I cooked. One year my husband and I started out at 4AM black friday to find many car wrecks due to black ice. I have sort of decided this crazyness is not worth it.