Kohl’s Mail In Rebates Black Friday 2012


Many of you have been mentioning the Kohls Mail In Rebates for Black Friday.    You can print all the rebates right from the Kohl’s Page. Before you shop, be sure to check out:

Note: Be sure to check the dates on all of the rebates!

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  • sheryl parker

    trying to get form for rebate for presto griddle thanks

  • Tamaurah Prespett

    I bought four Polaroid tablets and mailed in the rebates in the appropriate time frame. I have check the status several times and it always says “pending”. Now when I checked today, there is nothing there. I want my $120!

  • Dipali

    I have submitted my rebate form of cookware which i bought in black friday. I went to store and asked in service center but they also didn’t know about that. So what should i do to get my rebate. I have still receipt of cookware. What should i do to get rebate back for my product?

    • anna

      nothing received yet, conf#599060170

  • jessica

    i received my rebate on tablet can i actually cash it at the bank ( there is no place to endorse it ) or do i just present it at the store on my next purchase?

    • cassie russell

      i received my rebate on tablet can i actually cash it at bank thre is no place to endorse it or do i preset it at store on next purchase

    • Anonymous

      I was able to cash mine just fine at the bank.

  • Looking for the rebates on slow cooker and blender. mail rebate Dec 14, 2012

    • Anonymous

      If there is a rebate, the form and rebate receipt will automatically print just after the originally receipt prints.

  • Patricia Meuse

    I am really upset that all of these rebates were due before Christmas. These were all gifts and you are asking me to cut something off the packaging before I even give them the gift. Ridiculous. I will certainly reconsider where I buy things from next year.

    • Anonymous

      Just a little FYI- the rebates are from the manufacturer, not from Kohl’s. It is the manufacturer’s decision when and how rebates are due.