Does Staples Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Many of you have asked if Staples accepts manufacturer coupons. I have never been able to get the same answer from Staples representatives. It seems as though Staples has answered the question in this week’s ad.

Check out the ad above.  It states “Look for a manufacturers coupon for $1.00 off any three RoseArt Products”. Since they are advertising coupons in their ad, certainly they are suggesting to use it at Staples!

Does your Staples accept manufacturer coupons?  I would definitely take this to the store with you!

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  • elijah

    i work at staples and yes we do except any Manufacturer Coupons
    for staples and yes we do price compair too so if u find same product cheaper in a nother store add or recipt we will beat there price if we carry it in the store. but we dont compare prices on line unless its from and the price is more in the store we will give u the online price.

  • Tina

    I called our local staples once and they told me that they DIDN’T accept them – so I stopped using them there. Then I found out that they DID…and that person had no idea what they were talking about. It’s definitely frustrating. We really only use them on paper towels there when they have a good deal.

  • Oanh

    Mine does but the cashiers and even manager don’t know how to input the coupon when it doesn’t scan. Last time they flipped through book manual for 10 minutes.

  • Maia

    I have used manufacturer’s coupons (Bounty, Charmin, etc) at my two local Staples branches. Never had a problem with them.

    • Maria

      I’ve only used MAN Qs once, for a Charmin deal. The clerk didn’t question the q because it was a MAN Q, but becase of that “One per purchase” wording at the bottom of all PG Qs. She took it as soon as I politely pointed out the “Limit 4 like coupons in one transaction/trip/etc” stipulation that is right after, but honestly I haven’t tried again. I honestly haven’t found anything so amazingly cheap/free/MM that I felt I needed to make a special trip just to Staples.

      I work really hard to make sure I have the right Qs, and I get really embarrassed when people question me or refuse legit deals. It’s bad enough when I mess up (because we all do), but if I actually have it right? Reallyreallyreally embarrassing. Also, I shop with a preschooler, so I need it to be as quick of a trip as possible. :)

      That being said, I think it is great that you pointed this out, because it is pretty clear to me that this ad says they accept MAN Q. For those who shop at Staples, I am sure this is great news! Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Linda C.

    I’m up here near Scranton PA and our local Staples does accept manufacturer’s coupons. I’ve used them there several times with no problem.

  • JL

    I used coupons at Staples today on the Bounty Paper Towel deal. There was no problem.

  • We go to the Staples in Hershey, PA and they take coupons no problem! I use the coupons out of the paper or online for things like toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, batteries, etc. They’ve never once questioned it!

  • Stephanie K.

    It’s been ages (over a year, maybe?) but when Staples carried the single rolls of Marcal Small Steps paper towels and those $1/1 coupons were everywhere, I had so many free paper towels it wasn’t fun finding a place to store them. So I never knew there was even a question about them accepting manufacturer coupons. Oh, and I’ve often used coupons on the Duracell battery deals.

  • jill

    the cash register at staples wont accept a coupon through scanning, but the cashier can manually enter the coupon. If they give you a hard time about it make a manager come and help (they probably just don’t know how to do it… there was info on it in the training video’s and a quiz all the cashiers had to take, but I guess the information goes in one ear and out the other)….

    • Staples Sales Associate 0059

      The manufacturers coupon system is not embedded into our POS (point of sale aka registers) by default. the manager always has to authorize a manufacturer coupon so that younger cashiers dont let devious customers from defraud the store. I am a cashier and Tech solution advisor and i can tell that in the training modules the section on manufacturers coupons dont always match the steps that one has to take when ringing someone up. Lastly please dont make assumptions about our employees, we are people too, and sometimes people forget and this system was implemented only recently (at the time of your comment) and was rolling out to different stores all over the country. Plus the m. coupons could only be used in an area where Staples had authorized the entry of m. coupons. Hope that this answered your remark.
      Solutions Advisor 0059

  • Ivy

    I used a coupon on zebra pens 2 weeks ago and it went through fine

  • anne

    funny about this question – i tried to use a manu. coupon 2 weeks ago at a pittsburgh staples, and it wouldn’t scan, so the cashier just thought quickly and did a price adjustment to honor it. i tried another one last week, and again it wouldn’t scan. different cashier, who very patiently tried scanning, beep, scanning, beep, scanning, beep, etc etc – until i finally said, no worries, just take the item off and i’ll deal with it later. so, i think they do take them, they just don’t really know how to deal with them.

    • Staples Sales Associate 0059

      Some of the systems dont recognize the manufacturer coupons and the way to manually input them is a lot like making a return (time wise).

  • Heather

    Is this a regional coupon I didn’t get one?

  • wendy

    two weeks ago I used a coupon for Scotch shipping tape, and it was redeemed with no problems!