What’s in Your Mailbox 9/20

It was a very exciting week for my mailbox this week!  See the list below for all of the freebies I received:

Are you getting your freebies?

I hope you are taking the time to request these great samples!   Make sure you follow FTM on Facebook for all the heads up!

So did you have a great mailbox week?   Tell us what you got or even better, send a photo!  Email us here.

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  • Nancy C

    Just received mine today and daughter got hers on Saturday. My last name starts with C and hers with T, go figure! I am just glad that it came :)

  • Nancy

    Im wondering if they are doing outback in alphabetical order D, my fiance is expecting one, he put in for his before I put in for mine, my last name starts with B his P….

    • Shannon

      Nancy, I am a S.

      • Nancy

        did you get one shannon?

        • Nancy

          uh Im guessing you are the one that posted the original post? now I feel silly! So anyways, guess that blows that theory outta the water!

          • Shannon

            dont feel silly!

  • Jennifer

    Am I the only one who found the Nivea sample laughable. I loved the coupons, but the sample is so tiny. LOL

  • D

    still waiting for my Outback… ;) Hope it didn’t disappear on the way to my house… :(

  • Nancy

    I got the outback steakhouse, bayer, and chocolate also, not bad for someone new to this!

    • Shannon