Whats In Your Mailbox ?

I got some nice goodies in my mailbox the last few weeks.

See the list below for all of the freebies I received:

Are you getting your freebies?

I hope you are taking the time to request these great samples! Make sure you follow FTM on Facebook for all the heads up!

So did you have a great mailbox week? Tell us what you got or even better, send a photo! Email me here.

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  • Irene

    I got a check yesterday in the mail from a class action Kellogg’s lawsuit for $15!! I can barely remember when that even was now! woo hoo! That pays for my movies this weekend!

  • N Nagle

    Got the Garnier sample and coupon last week.
    The sample had nothing in it (barely wet inside) and the coupon had expiration date 1 day after receiving.\
    I called Garnier to complain & they said they had no
    promotions like that in months, but sent me 2 $1
    coupons good on any Garnier product exp 8/4/12
    I thought it was poor customer relations, but got Q’s anyway

  • Bridget Solimeno Ivers via Facebook

    I got my Shick Hydro Razor today :) and it included coupons for $4 off refills and 55 cents off skintamate :)

  • Barista Prima

  • Laura Johnson

    I got a party box from VocalPoint! I don’t even remember completing the survey!! I got Several Pantene samples, downy unStopables samples, Full size Mr Clean, Gain dishwasher soap, Mod Podge (odd but FREE), Several High Value coupons but the GrandDaddy on it all was the Oral B Professional Care 8850 Rechargeable Toothbrush!!!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      wow nice!

  • Kathie Tomb via Facebook

    Bills!! LOL!!!

  • That new Splenda.

  • Nothing today! :(

  • coupons from turkey hill today and some pretty great ones :)

  • Laurie Myers via Facebook

    coupons from p&g, included coupons, herbal essence shampoo, toothpaste and female product!

  • Elaine Smith via Facebook

    prilosec otc today