Whats in My Mailbox 8/18

This week my mailbox was rocking!  Here are some of the items I received:

Are you getting your freebies?

I hope you are taking the time to request these great samples!   Make sure you follow FTM on Facebook for all the heads up!

So did you have a great mailbox week? Tell us what you got or even better, send a photo!  Email us here.

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  • Mary

    What’s PSST?

    • Shannon

      Hey Mary,

      I am surprised you don’t know! First, it is good to see you around! Pssssttt is thru general mills..check it out.http://pssst.generalmills.com/

      • Mary

        Thank you. I too am surprised I was not aware of such from General Mills. I have been busy with the house repairs and minor renovations. I as well have been so jealous of the wonderful trips and photos from following the blogs.Hopeful to follow more. Love to share. Enjoy the last of your summer vacation time with the kids before you have to kit the books again.

        • Shannon


          Well I am glad you are well!

  • Jen

    This week I got:
    My second Pantene coupon. (I remember signing up for a second, the first was for the P&G facebook giveaways and the second one was through the Pantene North America facebook page.)
    Fresh Express free bag, coupons and clip from Vocalpoint.
    Kashi bar with 1.50 coupon. (That I accidently tore in half when trying to get the darn box open!)
    Dove Intense treatment samples with coupon.
    Suave Professionals coupons for two free products.
    Emergen-C drink mixes with coupons.
    Various teeny tiny Wal-Mart samples like Youth Code. (If they didn’t come with coupons they wouldn’t be worth signing up for.)

    Pretty good week for me! I love how, because it takes a few weeks, I have almost always forgot about them when they arrive. Now I love checking out the mailbox for my little presents. Way better than when I used to just get bills lol!

  • ozzie

    where did u get the energizer summer book. i may have missed it in ur post. can u let me know what coupons are there?

  • Nikki

    I also got 2 pantene coupons ..odd
    I got 2 free samples from splenda with coupons
    Diapers from huggies
    kashi bar
    slim week for me too

  • Shanta

    another free Pantene, Tampax sample, the fresh Salad clip & 1 free & 3 $1/1 fresh salads from vocalpoint, free Kashi bar & $1.50/1 Q and free Prilosec sample……:)

  • Stevie

    Has anyone received the free Herbal Essence coupon yet? I didn’t get mine:(

    • Shannon

      I did.

  • MaryG

    Huggies sample and 2 free pantene coupons. ANYONE KNOW WHICH STORES STILL ACCEPT ‘FREE’ no purchase necessary COUPONS??? Don’t know where I should go for my free full sized pantene :PP. I know Walmart doesn’t take them, but what about CVS and Walgreens?

    • Shannon

      Mary Walmart wont take them? Mine does.

      • Mary G

        Oh yours does? I know one our Wm’s doesn’t, never tried all 4 of them . I thought their policy didn’t allow them to take NO PURCHASE NECESSARY coupons?!? Thanks, will try at my next visit!

        • Shannon

          Mary, Definitely try – they even take free internet coupons. Let us know how you make out!

      • Jen

        My Walmart accepts them too. I used mine at CVS with no problems. I used it the other week when they had the buy 2 aussie/herbal and get $1 ECB deal. Then I used both my herbal and aussie free product coupons for a $1 MM. :)

  • mary

    Shannon, the picture shows a $15 iTunes gift card. How did you get that one?

    • Shannon

      Thats not a Itunes, thats the energizer summer book. $15 in coupons.

  • Kristin

    Huggies sample, Kirkland diaper sample, Pantene free coupon, Suave free coupon (Spanish), Fresh Express free coupon and clip. It’s been a good week so far!

  • teressa

    Wow I thought I had had a good week, but man you make my week look slim….:)

    • Shannon

      I have a slight advantage to requesting everything before I post LOL

  • Stephan

    Stephan got this week:
    – Free Suave professionals (all in Spanish :) )
    – 5$ off next model cleaners visit
    – Garnier sample
    – Tampax tampons sampler 5ct.

    Stephanie *g* got things from Vocalpoint:
    – Fresh Express Salad bag clip
    – Free Bag of Fresh Express salad
    – (3) 1/1 bag of Fresh Express

    • Shannon

      Dude Looks Like a Lady.. ala Aerosmith.