What Does YMMV Mean?


Another weird word!   Last week we talked about what a catalina is.

So I use the term YMMV often in my posts. What does that mean:

It could mean Your Mileage May Vary, Your Market May Vary or Your Managers Mood Varies

What YMMV might mean:

  • This deal may or may not work for you .
  • This deal may or may not be in your store.
  • This deal is depending on your cashier’s mood
  • This deal is clearance and you may not find it in your store.
  • This deal is regional.
  • This coupon is regional and you may not be able to find it in your circular.

What YMMV does NOT mean:

  • You may not be using a coupon properly
  • You may get away with it
  • You may be going against the store’s coupon policy

So in general, a YMMV means you cannot count on the deal being at your store. I would say ALL CLEARANCE deals are YMMV.

Any questions about YMMV?

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  • Ro In SD

    How funny. I am about ready to give up using coupons at the local WAG – they almost never honor whatever coupon I have – the other side of town has a WAG which honors most everything. I refer to them as the “good” and the “bad” WAG. However, my Rite Aid clerk took her break after waiting on me to help her daughter get the deals I get and I gave her this website. She and one other clerk say “how did you do that?” weeklyn when I walk out with almost $100 of mchdse for 20 bucks.

    I love the YMMV as it seems to be the case. I will always come back to the store if overcharged but I’m saving so much money overall that I don’t argue every coupon.

  • He, He, Shannon! I had to chuckle when you said it depends on your cashiers mood. I so many times am so nervous when I’m checking out and I tell myself I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m going to RA this morning am already nervous about using the BOGO coupons on BOGO free items. Aggghhh!!!!!

    • Shannon


      it is so true. I have one cashier that I kill with kindness. She tells me her stories of how she hates her job and I just smile ear to ear :)

      • Amy V.

        I am so happy to hear this! I too, believe in kill them with kindness. I am not going to allow their foul mood to disrupt my couponing bliss :-)

  • Natalia

    YMMV actually stands for “Your MARKET May Vary”. That is, a policy or deal may vary depending on your area :) The abbreviation has been used as lingo in the sales, advertising and marketing fields. Your definition still stands. It is often confused with “mileage”, as ‘mileage’ is one of the things that may vary market by market. Please know this is not meant to be criticism :)

    • Shannon


      Thanks for the input.
      Every forum and board that I use say Mileage :) I think this what readers will find across the boards and blogs. I think this is considered a slang term in frugal or deal finding.

      first definition –