What Does DND or DNT Mean?

Another question I frequently get is what does DND or DNT Mean?

If you look at a manufacturer’s coupon, it may say DO NOT DOUBLE or DO NOT TRIPLE at the top of the coupon. This is where DND and DNT come from.

So why does a manufacturer put on the coupon Do Not Double?

The manufacturer is making it clear that they will only pay face value of the coupon to the retailer. If you look in fine print, it normally says that the manufacturer will reimburse for the amount of the coupon plus a few cents for handling.

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Why does the coupon still double at my store even when it says DND?

Most coupons will still double unless a cashier tells it not to. This all has to do with the bar code on the coupon.
If you look at the far right of the bar code you will see either a 9 or a 5. If the coupon bar code starts with a 5, you will find that this coupon will double automatically due to the register programming. A cashier will have to manually override it.

A coupon starting with a 9 will never double. Coupons that are found in stores (like in blinkie machines) usually start with a 9. These will not double.

Who pays for the double coupon amount?

The grocery chain pays for the doubled amount – not the manufacturer. It is at the discretion  of the store as to whether or not to double the coupon. The manufacturer will never pay for the doubling.

So what is the bottom line with DND 5 coupons? Will they double all the time?

If the coupon starts with a “5” it will automatically double, HOWEVER, your cashier may adjust the coupon if it says DND.  So getting doubles with a a DND is totally YMMV.

Isn’t doubling a DND coupon unethical?

In my opinon, no. The store makes the decision and they aren’t asking the manufacturer to reimburse them

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  • Ron

    I believe the writing on the coupon that says do not double means that the manufacture will not pay double but the store can. The 9 code means that the store cannot double because of pricing agreements. But then again I have been .oo1 percent wrong in the past. Love this web site.

  • Wimpy

    I think it is a bunch of bull that the manufacturer prints “do not double” on their coupons. If they only pay face value, it’s none of their dam business if that store wants to double or triple them, so don’t bother to print it on there ! ! !
    (there. i feel better.)

  • Wow, I had no idea! Thank you for this info :)


  • gina

    I didn’t see any KMart stores that are going to be doubling in the Cleveland, Ohio area

  • Samantha C

    I have been running into a few cashier’s that have been manually stopping all the DND’s from doubling.

    Shop Rite

  • Ionizer
  • Ionizer

    you know what i dont get is why manufacturers care about a store doubling or tripling coupons.

    doubling or tripling, as far as i know, is when the store itself is offering to basically “match” the coupon and taking the money out of their own pocket

    so why do manufacturers care if the store helps the customer? as far as i know, when normally doubling a coupon (say 50c), its not like the store can submit a request to be paid 50c + 50c + handling. So why do they care? Are they concerned too cheap of a product and someone will attempt to utilize a lot of coupons and take out inventory, thus reducing the # of other people who can ‘try out’ the product w/ the coupon b/c of limited availability?

    • Shannon

      It doesn’t make much sense to me either. Especially with all the ecoupons that are available now. Sometimes you can get the product free with two ecoupons that you can load to the same card.

      So the doubling thing seems irrelevant these days. A bad power trip maybe? he he

  • beth

    I’m always surprised when cashiers take the time to read the coupons but still let the ones that say “do not double” double.

  • michelle

    hmm. i wondered that last night while i was buyign coupons from coupon clippers. (trying to stock up good ones for kmart). Thanks for the info!