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Shopping Cart Caddy Tutorial

If you are going out for a quick shopping trip, this homemade Shopping Cart Caddy is absolutely adorable and practical.

I know many of you carry big binders, but this is perfect if you have a few coupons and calculator.  I always have a big mess in the cart!

You can check out this tutorial for Shopping Cart Caddy here. 


  1. LauraD

    Oh this is brilliant! I have some fat quarter pieces I can use up on this. Weekend project!!

  2. Sherry

    Love it. There are times when I don’t take my binder and have pulled my coupons out and I have them all over the place. This would be perfect to store them as I’m walking through the store. I’m sending a picture to my mom today and asking her to make me one.

  3. Mary

    Great idea. Love the colors . CAUTION ladies and gentleman. There are people who will steal your coupons right from your cart. Trust me. My store manager helped me recover mine. I had my list and coupons out, all fancy and clipped to my list with a paper clip when someone simply walked by my cart and grabbed the whole deal while a store associate helped me locate an item which had been moved.How rude!

  4. Terri Stevens

    That sure beats what I do now-put the coupons I am going to use in the cup holder!

  5. Cindy

    The structure of it looks similar to the wallets my daughter makes out of duck tape. I’m gonna try that!

  6. Amanda

    @Sheila- Me too!! LOL..

  7. Sheila

    lol. I’ve been known to have my binder spread out on the floor looking for the right coupons!

  8. Michelle

    I worry too much about what people would think/say about me if I had this attached to my cart. LOL! I won’t be trying it.

    • Shannon

      Wow? What would they say?

    • Peggy

      People would think, wow, there is a smart girl who knows how to save money, and where can I get one of those!?!

    • amanda

      I get ALL kinds of looks with my big ol’ binder spread out. Personally I don’t worry about what people think. If they saw how much I saved each trip to the store, I bet they would have a binder too. LOL

      • Maggie

        I so agree Amanda! I used to be embarrassed at pulling out my binder but now don’t care what others think. Most comments I have received have been from people who mention how organized my coupons are. When they ask how much I save on stuff, they seem surprised and impressed. I knocked my binder off my cart once at Acme, 1/2 of the pages fell out. I didn’t know whether to curse or cry! I think I mostly cursed! LOL

  9. ♥ it, it’s perfect!!

  10. Holly

    Cute idea. I think my 18 month old would enjoy emptying it as fast as I hook up all up.

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