Rite Aid: Nivea Deal Update & A Little Story

This post might get a little long, so you might want to grab your coffee and settle in.

I haven’t been going out on Sunday mornings lately. I have been waiting until Thursday when I pick up my son at school. There are some definite downsides to this. I miss out on some deals – but I like being able to have a normal, quiet, family day on Sunday.

I noticed last week that my stockpile is starting to look sparse. My husband has been complaining we are out of stuff and I refuse to let him buy things without a deal.

So, I thought hmm there are a few goodies I want this week, so I will go on Sunday. I headed to the dollar store to buy 4 papers. Now, I am in my Yoga pants, hair pulled up and absolutely no makeup. My face needed a break after the 6lbs of makeup I had to put on to look decent yesterday. So I was hoping to run in the Dollar Store and it be uneventful.

Well, it wasn’t. First, I ran into reader Michelle. Hi Michelle! Michelle and I sat on the floor in the dollar store going thru 40 papers to find papers that had coupons. The manager tells us that the newspaper guy is either lazy or stealing the coupon inserts. I think he’s a lazy jerk who steals coupons. We found a total of 5 papers that had inserts. We split them. Then the manager proceeds to tell us we cannot recycle our newspapers there anymore. Yadda Yadda Yadda – 45 minutes later I am heading to Rite Aid.

I get to Rite Aid and I check out the Nivea. Many of you asked me why I didn’t include the $5.00 UPR in my scenarios for this week. I never trust Rite Aid until I have tried this stuff myself. Sorry, I have been burned way to many times.

I think awesome, the signs are up. This should work. See the picture above? It says that you get a $5.00 UPR wyb $15.00. It also says you get a $1.50 UPR wyb 1, limit of 2. So, this was the deal I was going to do:

Buy (4) Nivea $19.96
use (4) $2.00/1 Nivea Bodywash
Pay $11.96
Get (2) $1.50/1 UPR
Get (1) $5.00 UPR
$3.96 for 4 Nivea

There is more to the Nivea deal with some Ecoupons, but to keep it simple for now, that was the plan I had at the register.

I get to the register and try the deals split into two transactions with the other items I bought. No $5.00 UPR. Ok, so I think, hmm did I buy the wrong items? Maybe the mens didn’t count. The SUPER sweet cashier named Emily was so tolerant. We tried it 7 ways to Sunday and it was a no go. Grrr.

Here is my issue – why have a sign up for something thats not going to work? I just don’t get it.

So the Nivea wasn’t my only issue – the Aveeno monthly UPR didn’t print, the monthly Zip Loc no go.I had a great plan for Rite Aid and ended up spending $40.00 and get back $13.00 in UPR. Not exactly a deal.

So, I leave Rite Aid feeling defeated. I couldn’t ask the poor cashier to return the Nivea after all the work she did . Since I was in a hurry, I brought in all my Smart Source inserts without cutting the Aveeno coupons. When I walked into the parking lot, all of my Smart Source coupons flew everywhere. I tried to gather them, but they just took off. All 4 copies.

So now I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself.  I think I deserve some Nutella.  At least I have something to laugh about. (see this post here)

Please tell me you had a better trip than me?

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  • Ruth

    In regards to the coupons insert missing from the papers. Are these papers dropped off and left outside by the paper guy? I have a friend who works at a convenient store and saves all the leftovers inserts for me. They had incidents where a THIEF comes before the store opens on Sunday and removes the inserts from the papers and leaves the papers there.

    She also had an incident where a woman came to the store with a nasty attitude and told her that the manager told her that she could get all the leftovers inserts. When my friend asked the manager, the manager told her that she absolutely didn’t talk to this woman. So some people do illegal things to get coupons which gives a bad name to honest couponers.

  • Ruth

    I basically stopped shopping at Rite Aid despite the fact that the cashiers and managers at the two local Rite Aids are awesome. There are just too many issues with the UPR’s since the beginning of the year. I seldom had an issue with UPR’s not printing but so far I had about 10 or more that didn’t print and I purchased the right items.

  • Becky

    Did you notice (I’m sure you did) the Tri County Tuesday edition has inserts in them now? You might be able to get some coupons from there if you miss Sunday’s….

    • Shannon

      yep, I get them :)

  • Joy

    Just to add a p.s. to my last comment. For the first time in forever, I was short two Red Plums this week. Bummer–but at least I didn’t see any really fantastic coupons that I would need all four anyway. Seems like a lot of us were shorted. Sorry, Ladies!

  • Joy

    Two things have happened to me on this subject. Sometimes I just forget I’ve purchased that deal in the past. RA tends to have a lot of their UPS deals go for several weeks, and if there’s a limit to the deals, I forget I bought it weeks ago. Another thing is that if you know you haven’t reached the household limit, and the UPS didn’t print, you can call the 800 number on the receipt and talk to a representative who will look into it and mail you your UpBucks. It takes a while though. For this reason, I like CVS because they have the managerial power to print it off if it doesn’t print. They can look on the first receipt and see if you reached the limit. If not, they are happy to oblige. RA and Walgreens stores pretty much have the “Oh, well” attitude. For that reason, CVS is my favorite in that area.

  • amy

    I, too have found issues with finding coupons in my local paper. Some times they would be there, other times not. Some stores would ALWAYS have the coupons, others would not.

    I found out from my local paper publisher that they only get so many inserts each week and they the inserts first get put into the papesr of those who get home delievery. Then the rest are put into the papers that get distributed to self serve machines and local stores somewhat randomly.

    • Ruth

      I think CVS understands that it is very important to keep the customer happy because that’s the only way that they will keep coming back. For some reason, Rite Aid and Walgreens haven’t gotten that message. Walgreens tries though, I used to do mystery shopping for them for a couple years. I think they stopped the program and I can the difference in the employees behavior.

  • Brenda

    I feel a little guilty after your experience, but the Nivea deal worked for me.
    I did have to go back in because I only bought 3 body washes at first, totally forgetting that my 20% off would drop the price to $14. However, I was plesantly suprised that after I bought 1 more I received 2 $5 UpR’s along with 2 $1.50 UpR’s. Both of the $5 UpR’s are monthly deals (they have a longer expiration date) but I don’t know if it’s a computer glitch that they will fix or what.

    • Shannon


      Don’t feel guilty. You must be on the west coast right? For some reason, its not printing in the East. he he I think you got my $5 UPR

      • Brenda

        Yup, that’s it! I swiped it from you!
        I only did it because I’m jealous of the great Giant and Weis deals that we don’t get on the west coast!

  • Judy

    Here in Western NC, one of my fellow couponer friends said she tried several of the deals last week and her UPR’s didn’t print. She did a couple of transactions because of coupon limitations on how many she could use. The cashier told her that now your purchase don’t combine in multiple transactions. That if you don’t get all of the items for the deal in one transaction, you don’t get the UPR’s. Has anyone else heard this or had this happen to them on multiple transactions?

  • teresa

    So sorry to hear you had such a difficult time of it!! I went to 4 different RA’s today looking for the clearance items & struck out on all but the dove shampoo & 2 boxes of uncle ben’s rice. None of those stores had the dunkin donuts coffee marked down yet(BUMMER!!). I really would like to say how much I appreciate all your work that informs us of so many great deals we would miss if it wasn’t for you!!! And we have had 1 of those lazy coupon thief where I live for the past couple of years. The newspaper finally just caught on that the ad’s with inserts were not delivered at all for the past 2 years even though I had called & informed them over a year ago. Hope your day gets better!!

  • Kim Tevis

    Shannon, I was wondering about that dollar store. I pretty much have stopped getting papers there. I thought maybe the News Paper stopped putting in the coupons, but interesting to know it may be the delivery guy. I’ve been there and had to cut the strap on the papers, so I am sure it’s not the store. HMMM.. Do we need to call the paper???

    • Shannon

      Yeah we do. Michelle and I dug thru until we found some. Annoying. Kim email me – I have something else I want to tell you.

  • Tonya

    I heard from rite aid cashier that they are in process of changing coupon policy again. I only had an issue with them once. I asked for my coupons back and did not purchase anything that day.

    • Shannon

      They just issued the new coupon policy last week and it was just really clarifications.

    • The cashiers in my area (Central NY), have confirmed that they are going to be changing the way they do the UP+ rewards. They are going to go back on your wellness card and cant be used until the next morning. So no more multiple transactions during one trip using your UPS once the change hits your state. They are currently doing it in 10 or 12 states. Pffftttt to that change! I dont like it!!!

      • Shannon

        They started this program back in January in test markets. You can opt out.

  • Hope the rest of your day went better. Forget Rite Aid, I’m sticking with CVS.

    • Shannon

      I so wish we had one close by!

  • I’ve had problems with my UP rewards lately too. Last week, they didn’t print out when I bought the Simple face products, so I called corporate & they are going to mail them to me. Today, I bought 2 Biore pore strips & 2 Biore cleansers with 2 of the BOGO coupons. The items were BOGO 50%, but instead of charging me full price for the 2 pore strips & giving me the cleansers free per the coupon, it rang them up differently & altered my total price which affects my total for the UP rewards (spend $15 get $5UP). Anyway, I was trying to do the deal 2x, but got nothing-and the cashier blamed it on my using coupons. I’ve never noticed that coupons worked against the UP deals in the past, so I’m wondering what ‘s changed. I’ll be calling corporate back to find out!

  • Carrie

    Oh, my Lord….if that lawsuit results in me not being able to buy Nutella for my son, I am going to have a revolt on my hands! People need to take responsibility for themselves. An advertising campaign is not a source of factual information from which to make decisions!!
    I think I’ll go have a spoonful of Biscoff to help me settle down.

    • Shannon

      he he Carrie, I agree!

  • Elizarae

    There is some kind of glitch going on with the Nivea deal in SoCal…I bought 3 body wash and used 3 $2/1 coupons. Paid $9.97 and got the 2 $1.50 +Ups AND 2 $5 +Ups making it a $3.03 moneymaker! I was reading your post and was just waiting to hear that your trip went as well as mine. I’m so sorry it didn’t! I too have had the joy of picking up my coupons in the parking lot after a failed trip to Rite Aid…no fun! :(

  • jennifer

    I have been SOOOOOOO disappointed with Rite Aid ever since they stopped those great surveys with the $3/$15 rewards and then they changed their coupon policy and the way they give you the Ups. It took me so long to “crack” Rite Aid compared to CVS and even after I got them figured out, they were always sold out or the Ups didn’t print and the cashiers were not willing to work with me to figure out what went wrong. It’s on the other side of town and finally, I just stopped going there. I get all my deals at CVS, Target and Martin’s and I’m happy.

    So sorry about your flying inserts! My coupon book mysteriously hopped out of the cart once and the pages went sprawling all over the aisle!

  • Ruth

    I also have several experiences at Rite Aid when the UPR don’t print and I’m told that I need to call corporate. So now, I don’t do the deals until later in the week and hope that they fixed the problems with the UPR. I did the Garnier deal last week on Monday, didn’t give me the UPR or track it. I did the same deal later in the week, bought the exact same items, the UPR printed each time. So there is an issue with Rite Aid. At least at Walgreens and CVS most store managers will give you the ECBs or deduct the Register Reward amount from the next purchase.

  • Tiffane

    My coupon binder flew open with the wind yesterday and I almost cried. New coupons in the front and internet printed coupons took off in a little tornado!! Soo sad!!

    • Shannon

      OH NO Tiffane :(

  • Thank you…she is having extreme abdominal pain (like screaming for multiple hours straight since Friday) and docs can’t find what’s wrong…but although the doctors don’t know what it is…I know someone who does and I am trusting in Him today (and tomorrow) :-)

  • Barbara

    I am so sorry and also (like another reader mentioned) a little sad right now. I know many of us coupon for many reasons. My experience is that most weeks, coupons are such a pain. Truth is, I HAVE to shop the deals for survival. The whole process can be very frustrating. For all of you out there who do not have a choice, chin up. You’re not alone. I guess it makes me appreciate that much more the good weeks. I love it when I come home from the grocery store and I can look and my husband and simply say “I win!!”.

  • Christine

    Awwwwwww….I feel so bad for you. Don’t worry, some good will def be coming your way in the future. It has to because you help soooooo many others. ;)

  • Kari Shepard Rodriguez – hoping your baby is ok!

  • Thank u for all u do, and any couponer that has been couponing for more then one day :-) has had a similar experience…but things could always be worse…we were at the hospital from midnight till 10 am this morning with my five year old.,,would have much rather been out chasing down coupon inserts in a parking lot… So tired when we left that I didn’t even stop to get my inserts. But u know the whole time we were at the ER and my daughter was getting numerous test done…I kept thinking how so many kids had to have those test done on a regular basis and how it is a normal way of life for them..,and when I what start getting discouraged while playing the waiting game.,.i would remind myself of that..,that it could b worse! Hang in there!

  • Nutella? Psssh I’d be having a glass of wine tonight if I were you. I hate when things do work out as planned!! I feel your pain. I would probably have a good cry too. Lol.

  • Kari

    Thank u for all u do, and any couponer that has been couponing for more then one :-) has had a day similar to this…and it could always be worse…we were at the hospital from midnight till 10 am this morning with my five year old.,,would have much rather been out chasing down coupon inserts in a parking lot… So tires when we left that I didn’t even stop to get my inserts. But u know the whole time we were at the ER and my daughter was getting numerous test done…I kept thinking how so many kids had to have those test done on a regular basis and how it is a normal way of life for them..,and when I what start getting discouraged while there playing the waiting game.,.i would remind myself of that..,that it could b worse! Hang in there!

    • Kari

      Ok… I really should have reread and reread my post…going on very little sleep! I hope u understand the gist of it!

  • I hope a lot of ppl complain to corporate so they get it fixed. :D

  • WOW, I am sorry that your day started off the way it did *giggle~~giggle~~giggle*… Sorry to laugh, but I could have written that story! As far as Rite Aid goes around here…. We have 2 of them, one carries more than the other and the other has the friendlier cashiers, but I have found that if I wait until Friday evening I have the best luck at both. The cashiers are finally familiar with the match ups for the week and they also get their trucks in on Wenesdays and everything has been restocked, or stocked for the 1st time for the sale. Enjoy the rest of your family day!

  • Denise

    I would go back to the store and return them.

  • This is the main reason why I don’t shop at Rite Aid. It is so not worth the headache :)

  • Suzanne

    I’ve had quite a few issues with Rite Aid printing out my UP Rewards since the beginning of the year. I have finally given up after three trips of not having my rewards print out. Now I only shop at CVS! Kind of sad but I felt like Rite Aid cheated me.

  • Your story makes me sad. Couponing does not come easy to me. I struggle at every transaction. And I never understand how it is so easy for so many people.

  • Sue F.

    1. I haven’t read all the comments and usually don’t get to my list until Friday or Saturday, so I haven’t seen all the deals.
    2. You have inspired me to become a RA shopper AND now a CVS shopper. I could compare the two, but I am in the middle of my son’s 7th grade homework, so I’ll spare ya. (BTW, I dislike homework!)
    3. Thanks for ALL you do and you do a great job. So, hold your head high and don’t be discouraged! I really appreciate all the time and work you put into your site! Thank you!!!!

  • whenever i have an issue with an up+ reward not printing out at the register at my rite aid store they just write it out on the top of my receipt by hand and let me use it next time and they will just tear the written up+ off from receipt next time.They doublecheck that i bought amount and/or total dollar amount that was specified and once they verify that it should have printed and just didn’t, they write it out for me! Our store in bellefontaine, ohio is great!

  • Lauren

    Wow! You really took a hit for all of us this morning. I am so sorry! I guess I will stay home until RA gets things sorted out!

  • Erica

    Ugh that stinks! The only good thing about Rite aid is my mom works there so I’m in with the managers and they will do hand written ups if it doesn’t work as long as it is posted that way. Other then that I’ve been staying away from rite Aid and CVS concentrating more on Giant and never paying for my gas

  • Kandy

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve been burned at RA too and really haven’t shopped there for that reason. I would call customer service to complain. Please let us know if you get a response on why it wouldn’t work for you. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Danielle

    It is so odd to me that it works in some places and not others. Sorry that it turned out that way for you. Sometimes it gets so frustrating.

  • Danielle West — I tried it 5 different ways and in the same transaction with and without coupons and with the touch of sparkle. There wasn’t even tracking for Nivea at all over the course of an hour. Reading it didn’t work for alot of folks.

  • Jenny

    Too Funny!

    I have 3 RA’s and 1 CVS in my town. I like the cashiers at the RA closest to my house much better than the new fancy one on the other end of town…its smaller and older, but usually has stock on hand and people are much nicer:)

    The 1 CVS in my town – I avoid that store like the plague! NOT coupon friendly, never have sales stock on hand ect ect – if I need something from CVS I usually try to stop at one up in Harrisburg area while my daughters are at soccer practice – an hour from home, but I’m already there with time to kill and they are much nicer:).

    I did have an issue the other week at RA where the UPR wouldn’t print til OOP amount BEFORE coupons was met…wondering if that could be a new glitch for RA shopping…anyone else run into this recently? I had the manager telling me its always been like that (including another manager from across town who happened to be in the store at the time as well…)….ended up doing exactly what Shannon did…spent more than I intended, but finished the deal and left with my more costly items:(

    • Shannon

      I even thought of that Jenny! I tried it no coupons just to see and it didn’t work .. grr.

  • Becca

    I hate when deals don’t work out. I don’t go out on Sundays because it feels like such a waste if it doesn’t work out.

  • Well if you quit going, think of the gas you will be saving.. SCORE! I have limited my couponing excursions to one store. Publix. Period. Walgreens is on the way and I will pick up my free photos… and once a month I have Rx to get from Walgreens or CVS… depending on who is going to give me a gift card that month. FTR – Walgreens Rx are MORE expensive than CVS… We don’t have a RA in Orlando.

    • Shannon

      LOL Heather, Rite Aid and the Dollar Store is 2 miles its the only thing we have in this area..

      • I long to live in an area like that… AWAY FROM EVERYTHING… (and most crime.. Orlando is a scary place to raise kids)

        • Shannon

          Heather, yes there are benefits. I feel bad for my kiddo, the bus drive to school is REALLY Far. I just want a decent shopping area – I hate that I have to spend half a day shopping.

  • Danielle

    That’s strange. I bought 3 of the womens Nivea and I got 2 $1.50 ups and 2 $5 ups. Then my friend got 3 of the men’s and got the same thing. It was actually almost a $5mm. It probably needs to be in the same transaction. I have read a lot of people say it worked like mine did. I got the touch of sparkle and touch of happiness and that is what they worked on. The men’s were the Active3 that were pictured in the ad. Hope that helps.

    • Brenda

      Actually you can do this deal in multiple transactions. I didn’t realize that my 20% discount would bring the total of 3 bottles down to $14. So I purchased 1 more and the 2 $5 UpR’s printed.

  • Shawna Staggenborg – oh I would love a Dollar General. .we have the Dollar Tree.. grrr.

  • Patrice

    Sorry you had such a bad experience. Just curious, why do you recycle newspapers at the dollar store that you mentioned?

  • I just got burned by them last week on a deal :( My 2yr old was out of control so I just paid the amount even though it was double what the “sign” said. Ugh!

  • Dawn

    LMAO!!!! I know you feel defeated, but your post had my husband and I totally cracking up!!!! A great sense of humor goes along way, sometimes you just have to laugh and move on!!

    • Shannon


      Totally agree and I can totally make fun of myself :)

  • Shawna

    Oh your post said Dollar store, I assumed Dollar General lol sorry.

  • Sabrina

    I do not use the pharmacies anymore. I use to go to walgreens for their rebates but I NEVER get them back in the mail. I mostly shop at price chopper, because they take competitors coupons. I also use BJS coupons there and make out like abandit sometimes. :( I wish I could learn your tricks but I just cant get the hang of it. :(((( Also I need to find out how to get a lot of coupon inserts because around me the paper usually sells out before noon and I can never get to the store to get them in time (I have two little ones). I feel very defeated in this respect. So you still did better than I have :)

  • Tamara Mcglothlin – in todays Red Plum

  • Shawna Staggenborg – wish we had one :)

  • Shawna

    Dollar general has Nivea for $2.75 here. I combine the $5 off $25 deal with the coupons. Makes them even cheaper.

  • may i ask where you found the $2 nivea coupons

  • Madeline

    I stick to CVS and Wags and usually make out pretty well. I use to love RA but after many issues like this and their low stocking issues I gave up going there
    for anything!

  • Diane

    Sorry to hear of this. I love my Rite Aid, they know me and if a UPR doesn’t print and they have signs up and know I should have received one, they will always give me a gift card.

    • Shannon

      They know me too, but our Rite Aid will NOT give out a gift card. They always make ya call the 1800 number.

      • Nancy C

        My Rite Aid (Balitmore, MD) will give me the UPR when it does not print, as long as it is consistent with the Ad. The shift managers in general are always helpful. I have only once had to call corporate when my $20 winter reward did not print. I was at $99 dollars and then my next visit the tracking disappeared. Consumer service sent it to me in the mail. Thanks Shannon for all you do! Just love your website!

  • Amber

    This has happened to me many times at Walgreens.

  • Tabatha

    So sorry you had a rotten day! I’m not a huge fan of Rite Aid but when they have a pretty good deal running I do try to stop since it’s so close to me. I have found that when UPR’s don’t print I never seem to have a problem getting them once I contact customer service. I know, there shouldn’t be such hassle but if I’m owed the UPR’s that they advertised I want them! Hopefully you have a much better week! :)

  • Suzanne

    Wow – I don’t normally try Rite Aid, and I always felt I was missing out. Now I’m kind of glad I’m missing the hassle. On the plus side, it does help to know that even a Coupon Queen has those days where she ends up spending more than she wanted to and walks out shaking her head wondering how in the world that just happened!?!?! :)

    • Shannon

      Yep happens to me too!

  • Linda

    That stinks, I hate those days. that is why I stopped shopping at Rite Aid for about 6 months. I went for this 1st time when the Garnier was on sale with UPS. Had another problem. I will probably not shop there much more, not worth the aggrivation.

  • Darby

    Oh no, that is horrible!!!! Isn’t it weird how some days it just seems like everything goes wrong? Sometimes it seems the safest idea is to turn around the car, go home, and go right back to bed!

  • U POOR THING!! I feel very defeated today too..I was trying to do the Nasal ease at wags but I left paying 33 and getting 40 back..I know it seems good but i messed up somewhere because I should have had almost double that in rr…and my daughter dumped my qs all over my car!!

  • Christy

    I’ve been burned there too many times so I WON’T go back!

  • Lorrie


  • :(

  • heather

    I thought I was the only one that had those adventures! Take care =)

  • Laurie

    Our Rite Aid is great. If the UPR doesn’t print they will issue me a “refund” for the amount it’s supposed to be. BUT I have to make sure I get the exact item that is pictured- right down to the same flavor or scent, otherwise they won’t do it.

  • Michelle

    At least we solved the problem with inserts at the dollar store! (Note to self to contact the newspaper, again!) Sorry you didn’t make out well at Ritaid! It was nice to finally meet you!

    • Shannon

      Nice to see you Michelle!

  • Amy

    Sorry! Deceitful Rite Aid and evil Nutella :-)

  • Caroline

    Oh gosh!! So sorry to hear all that!! It makes me remember the wise words my boyfriend told me which I now follow to a tee — no matter how good, do NOT fall for a drugstore deal. I don’t even read the inserts anymore. I have wasted too many beautiful Sunday hours trying to get deals from those evil places.

  • Rachel

    So sorry- it sounds like an awful morning but I don;t get it-if the store has the signs up right under the product aren’t they obliged to give you the up even on a gift card? I didn’t do any nivea this morning-I only went in for the bagged pantry candy bought one at $3.99 got 3 up back and rolled it a few more times on my and my hubbies card-they are individually wrapped so go for a quick snack for my boys.

  • ria

    I know! It sucks when a plan does not come together- sometimes you win sometimes you lose. This is the one that got away. I feel your pain!

  • Sarah

    I have to tell you that I am NOT surprised at your experience. My mother was store manager for Rite-Aid before it was Rite-Aid. Within just a year of the company taking over she left the company because of the treatment of the customers. 3 years ago they contacted she and asked her to come back for more money blah blah blah. Within that same year she found that they were doing the same stuff and has left the company for good.

  • Misty

    :( Sorry you had a bad time. I don’t go much on Sundays unless we aren’t doing anything in particular. I do miss out on some things but I feel much less stressed about it. I hope your week goes lots better and maybe Sundays are better for just family time!

  • look under zip code 70726, thats my zip code, there are always nivea coupons. :)

  • Crystal

    Awwww thats just awful! Yeah I stopped going to Rite Aid a while back cause their deals just do not work out! Im so sorry you had such a trying morning! But eat your Nutella and make the most of the rest of your day :)

  • idk why but where i live we never get the nivea coupons!