On the Cheap: Recycled Crayons

Before you throw out those broken crayons in the bottom of the box,  try making these adorable recycled crayons.   If you have older kids who can use the oven, this is a great project to get them involved in. You’ll just need some old or new crayons (back to school clearance sales – stick to crayola – the cheaper ones don’t melt so well).

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Check out the incredibly cool car crayons here.



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How about these super neat Cupcake Tin Crayons.



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These super simple crayon stars are easy to make. Check them out here. 



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  • Angela

    Love Love Love this idea!!

  • lisa

    ask restaurants for the left over crayons that they get after kids leave and throw the crayons from kids menu packs all over the place. we used to have a bucket of crayons at the restaurant where i worked and would donate them to charities or other people who asked for them.

    • lori

      Just make sure they are “good” crayons. We did this last year for valentine’s day with heart shaped mold from the dollar store. We used Crayola crayons and mixed in a few of the free crayons from various restaurants, to stretch them out to make more. Each mold had all the wax from the free crayons on the top. You could not color with that side of the crayon. We ended up cutting all the wax off of each one. One more tip, the mold you use will not be able to be used for anything else. So make sure it’s disposable or only used for this activity. The crayons turn out awesome. The kids loved this idea.

      • Shannon

        Yep, thats why I put to only use crayola – cheap crayons dont work at all.

  • Bonnie

    I shop the clearance section of holiday sales for the cool tins and have quite a collection now. So we make these pretty much every holiday. Just look for the holiday shaped cookie tins, they have them in so many fun shapes perfect for this. I even found princess and racecar tins for boy/girl fun. Funniest to me is that I have tried to make cookies in the tins and they never turn out, but my crayon projects are always beautiful.

  • I recycled broken nubs of washable crayons for my daughter using silicone IKEA ice cube molds (flowers) and the microwave. Break up same/similar colors in a microwave safe dish (like a little pyrex prep bowl), melt in microwave, and pour in silicone molds. Super easy and it made lots of little flower crayons to reuse and gift to others.

    • Christina

      Maybe this is a stupid question, but are the crayons still washable after being melted?

      • Christina– I haven’t noticed any difference in washability though the crayons do rub off on little hands, but that’s the same as any unwrapped washable crayons. I think they’d make a great gift wrapped in a cute package or recycled container.

  • Bea

    Such a great Idea. An’t believe I never thought of it. i used to make my own candles out of the left over wax. Same concept. Thanks

  • frankye b

    i been planing on doing this for my daughter kindergarden class valentine, but she olny 6 months so i got plenty of time to save.