New Databar Coupon Codes

Coupon Barcodes

New Databar Coupon Codes

Coupons barcodes began changing as of July 1st, 2011. This is when the retailers began moving to only the databar GS1 Coupon Codes.

You may have noticed that your coupon barcodes are different as of July  1st… Have you noticed that some of your coupons are now printing out with just one barcode that looks like the barcode below:


Coupons are moving away from the old UPC style coupon to the new GS1 Databar Coupons.

What is the Databar?

The new DataBar Coupon format will provide manufacturers more options for purchase requirements and values and make it possible to code more complex offers. It will enable the coupon to be validated at checkout to ensure the manufacturer intended the purchase that was made. Ideally, it may reduce mis-redemption.

In addition, retailers would get better scanning accuracy at the POS. More specific coding and fewer human readable elements should reduce mis-redemption, while minimizing the amount of “hard-to-handle” coupons. With the new barcode, retailers will be able to code chain-specific promotions, which now is almost impossible to do. They will also be able to leverage offer tracking and provide improved purchase auditing back to the manufacturers.


  • GS1 Company Prefixes. The existing structure only allows companies with a 6-digit prefix the ability to coupon. The new format can accommodate variable length prefixes.
  • Coupon value codes can now be in any amount up to $999.99, and they are not limited to a table of only 100 possibilities.
  • Precise offer descriptions and validation of offers involving specified quantity purchases can now be expressed.
  • Fraud reduction due to complexity of description and save values. Also, the entire barcode encoded data is not presented in human readable format.
  • Automatic expiration date checking for retailers.

What does it mean to you?

Most of the larger retailers have already implemented the databar coupon system into their registers. For now many coupons still have both barcodes visible.   However, some of the smaller chains do not have them updated.  They have 6 months to get their computers updated.

During this transition, you may have stores that will not accept the single bar code coupons because it does not scan.

Has your store updated for the databar system? Let us know in the comments.

Source: DataBar Coupon Codes

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  • nena

    Nice sharing…..

  • azmia

    I’m not at all happy with the new coupon barcode system . I think it’s a waste of money using up your ink and paper or pay money for a news paper just because a coupon won’t scan . I’ll never do coupons again or shop at stores like Target or Walmart . I’ll stick to bulk sell . It’s cheaper in the end.

  • Tara

    I am having problems with ALL my stores accepting the new bar codes. NONE of them scan at Tom Thumb,Albetsons, Target or Walmart. I am left printing useless coupons. They look at me like I am trying to rip them off and tell me they are not valid. So I just don’t buy the products. Not worth wasting my ink printing useless coupons. They should have updated their systems by now since it is June 2012!

  • Christina

    I never really paid attention to the barcodes until today at Walmart. One coupon I had printed had a single bar code and they would not accept this. I also had two others that wouldn’t scan and they would not take them. This was the first time I couponed at Walmart and probably the last. Was not happy with them!

    • Anonymous

      Give a call to the walmart customer service and ask them how and when they are gonna update their system.

  • I’ve used this coupon codes but now it has expired. May you shared new one:-) THANKS

  • lynette

    It may hurt some of us for now. Some of the cashiers at my RA won’t accept them because they won’t scan. I talked to the manager when she was in later in the week. She looked at my receipt to see who he cashier was and said she would talk to her about it.
    I wasn’t nasty, just wanted to make sure all their cashiers are informed.
    K-mart won’t take them. Their policy states that if it doesn’t scan, they can’t accept it. The cashier even called the store manager to make sure.
    I also had them handed back to me at Kroger. That was a mess. It was a huge order and I made the cashier wait while I looked through my folders and found more that would
    It was her break time and she was none too happy.

    I didn’t have any problems anywhere until afer the first of the year.

  • Lynn

    So glad to understand that there is a new system in place. I had not had any problems until yesterday when a cashier at the commissary where we shop sorted out my internet coupons and would not take those that only had the one bar code. I knew I had used coupons like them before but she wouldn’t even try to scan them….she said there was no bar code to scan. I wasn’t going to argue over a few dollars and I could see what she was saying about them being different though I knew they were good! If I had known, I would have pointed out the single bar code on the inserts, blinkies, and peelies (some that I had just gotten in the store) that she had accepted and scanned. So glad I didn’t throw those coupons away.

  • suesue

    I am so happy about this change. Now those of us that are honest with our coupons will not mind the change at all. Those that were not could have ruined a good thing for us.

  • Laura

    This is the first I’ve heard of these new coupon bar codes. I use coupons for almost every purchase I make at grocery & drug stores. Luckily I ran across this article before a store accused me trying to pass off counterfeit coupons. I live in Orlando, so all the stores I shop at must either be updated or educated because I have’nt run into problems with the coupons I use. I print from all sorts of different websites

    Just out of curiosity, I’m going to go through my old coupons to compare the difference of the two. If anyone has done the comparison already, and has pic. I would love to see it. I will look and share if I can locate a old coupon

  • DEE

    As of January 12, 2012 my local Rite Aid, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens has not updated to the new bar code system. They always refuse to take my coupons because they don’t scan. Bummer!!!

    • DEE

      I meant to say as of 01-07-2012 they won’t accept my coupons. Sorry!

      • Lauren

        I just had a problem with it today at Rite Aid. She said “it was missing the barcode” which is not true, since it was the new bar code system. I tried to explain to her that was the barcode, but she didn’t honor it. I fought it and she said take it up with the company.

  • Bill

    For what its worth, I work at store level for a midsize grocery chain dealing with the front end, and this is the first I’ve heard anything about the changeover. Unfortunately, information like this isn’t always passed down to the store level, and in turn, we are not able to give it to the front line associates.

    We’ve had on and off issues with counterfeit internet coupons, and unfortunately because of that we will err on the side of caution and not accept a coupon that does not look right. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle that, both as a store and as a consumer.

    On the bright side, most of these coupons with the new barcode WILL scan at the register, so there shouldn’t be too big of an issue at the chain I work for.

    • Shannon

      Wow Bill, that is good information for us to keep in mind – that the information just doesn’t get to the cashier – we should keep this in mind at the checkout – and practice patience.

  • Charmaine Mack

    This makes me feel so much better. I had the same problem at Wal-mart today. They said my printed coupons were fake, but I print from They made me feel like a criminal and I was very embarrassed due to Wal-Mart always being busy. I hope they update their system soon, or else get notified so their clerks aren’t telling people there fake in front of a line of people making it look like we’re criminals.

  • Our local grocery store now accepts Internet printed coupons, because they placed the data bar coupon system into their registers. A year ago a shopper photocopied her coupons for herself and friends, so the grocery store only accepted coupons from newspapers or magazines. The up-dated technology was a plus for “couponers” in our town! Thanks so much for encouraging people to be honest…

  • linda

    I didn’t know about the new barcode till now.It is the first i have heard about it.Thank you for telling us.I used my first one yesterday at Walgreens and the computer wouldn’t accept it.I didn’t know why,I’m glad i do now so i can be aware of it and educate them about it if it happens again. Thankfully the manager accepted it and inputted it manually.I got a great deal on toiet paper with it :)

  • Barbie

    I had the same issue,at Walmart, the coupon would not scan, can anyone, tell me what can be done?

  • Gail

    I live outside of DC. Bloom said they will no longer accept the coupons missing the third barcode because they have to over-ride every coupon and headquarters told them they are over the amount of over-rides they are allowed and mentions something about not being able to get reimbursed for them.

    Shoppers has problems also but will manually enter them for you.

  • Brandi L

    I just had a new barcode coupon for a wal-mart specific item (all you magazine special issue) and they refused to take it because it wouldn’t scan. I tried explaining the “new barcode” system, but the cashier had obviously never heard of it. Very frustrating especially since I can’t get the item at another store :(

  • Pat

    My Walmart won’t take the new barcode coupons. The last time the clerk said “I don’t know what’s wrong with these, everyone is trying to use them. When is someone going to figure out what to do?” Maybe it’s time they updated their systems and explained to the clerks what is going on.

  • Michele

    I have used the new barcode coupons at acme in the past 2 months. Tonight was the first time I was denied. Apparently tonight there was no manager on duty. We have to see the store direct tomorrow for reimbursement of full return. I am looking to receive $30 back hopefully.

  • Stephanie

    Walmart wouldn’t take 2 of mine like that last week!

    • Stacey

      My Walmart here in Douglas, Ga would not except this new type of coupon. I had ones for BIC products. The cashier and even the frontend mgr. looked at me like I was trying to do something illegal. I didn’t appreciate it at all. You would think with all the advancements in technology, that stores, especially the large chains, would be educated, in advance, about these changes. And know how to train their cashiers and supervisors on how to except these “new” coupons if they haven’t taken the time to update their systems yet.

      • zamira

        The same thing happened to me last night. My printed coupons would not work and the manager said I made a copy of them and that’s why they didn’t work. I was insulted but calmly told her that I print my coupons, I don’t make copies of them but she made me feel as if I was a criminal. I do not like this at all and am trying to find some info that I can “prove” my point to her that my coupons are valid. I print them from the Shop at home and I get all but the Smart Source coupons print with a light S and she says that is what makes them copies. I was there late last night and when I got home I printed a brand new one from SS and it prints the S. Am I mistaken, do I need to do something with my software, or am I correct? Can someone please help me?

        • Walmart refused my Bic coupons too! They had no idea how to make them work. Second time back and they manually pushed them through.

  • I’m tickled pink to see this. Cheaters were on the verge of ruining couponing for us all.

    • suesue

      Amen Sister. I am super happy about this.

  • Tanaya

    The only coupons that I have printed in the new format have been from Kellogg’s. I have tried to use them twice at Albertson’s and both times they have been declined because the smaller bar code was missing. Yesterday, after I had done research and knew that all coupons will eventually look this way, the cashier argued with me and told me they couldn’t accept them because the coupons were from Canada (?). I then explained what I had learned and asked what would happen when all of the coupons were being printed without the bar codes. She said that then they would have to update their scanning systems. In the meantime, I guess I won’t buy Kellogg’s products at Albertson’s.

    • Pamela

      Tanaya – I actually threw out my Kellogg’s coupons (first time I saw the NEW format) and emailed them about “what to do” because I was left without coupons (so I thought) because I thought they were not legit, and they emailed me back. Not that it helps you now, but they advised me that the coupons print through, which has a small help section on the new format. Kellogg’s also said that if I had ANY problems with their coupons, **TELL the retailer to contact** so that they could help them understand and accept the new format. I’m surprised that stores have not yet done this; you would think a company as large (and coupon friendly) as Albertsons would have been educated already.

    • Debbie

      or save your coupons for when you go to Canada?! :)

    • Berta

      It’s funny you mentioned that the Albertson’s clerk told you the “new” barcode was for Canada and couldn’t be used there. Ever since the “new” GS1 barcodes were included along with the former 5 or 9 barcodes (about 3 years I think), I was told the same thing at Walmart. They’d claim that the code on the right was for Canada and the one on the left was for the US. Well, I went to Canada and found out that their barcodes look nothing like that anyway so it’s funny and odd that the rumor got started. What I find interesting, is that various major stores in the US, in different parts of the country, will have all this ridiculous misinformation about the new barcodes but never are given the correct info. It’s scary actually.

  • Angie M

    How do we know if the coupons will double or not, the old it was a 5 double, 9 DND??

  • Karen

    Well, I don’t think they should be able to reject any coupons because they haven’t updated their computers yet. That just seems unfair to us as consumers….as long as they appear legitimate and they can see that for themselves and we are using them properly they should be required to still accept them. I know it might take longer at checkout if they did have to look them over, but I would prefer a few extra minutes at checkout then the inconveience of having them not accepted.

    Fortunately as I said it has not happened to me yet, but if it does, I plan to ask to speak to the manager and will tell him my thoughts about it. They may not care, but it never hurts to let them know that they are losing business because of it.

    In the long run, I think the new barcode system will be a great idea because I always strive to use coupons correctly and get angry at those who don’t. I just hope that the changeover goes smoothly.

    • Jen

      I totally agree with you. I was so upset.

  • sherry

    I really have not noticed the change but have noticed that lots more of my coupons beep at Target than in the past. They’re been pushing them through but I know they’re legit. I print from or smartsource. Now I wonder if I have the new codes and Target hasn’t updated or vise versa.

    • Elbee

      same for me, sherry. every one of them beeped and they pushed them anyway. however, my walgreens wouldnt manually over ride.

  • Sarah Fletcher

    I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and Krogers accepted my coupons that only had the single code on it. I was a little worried when my printables started printing that way, but I had no problem.

  • liz

    I was wondering if the coupons will still double and would we be able to tell beforehand like that Cheez-It coupon that was released recently?

    • Shannon


      What I am wondering about is the 9 and 5 barcodes.. like we knew it would double in advance. No way to tell now.

      • rochelle

        Hi, i understand the new codes will know not to double a coupon that says do not double

    • Jacqueline

      I used my Cheez It coupon just yesterday & it went through w/ no problem & also doubled.

      • Jacqueline

        As thorough as it is getting, I’m sure the ones that say DND will def. not double.

  • Kate

    Giant would not accept my coupons with the new single barcode last week.

  • Amy

    A friend had one like that for Luigi’s italian ice & cashier wouldn’t except it, now we know its a real coupon, Thanks!

    • Craige

      same her. Food Lion would not except my Luigis cpns :(

  • Elisarose

    I have a question. Does this mean the coupon manufacturer will be able to actually know which products I personally am consuming because of using my store loyalty card and the coupons? Isn’t this a little disturbing privacy-wise?

    • Shannon

      Elisarose, if you were using coupons correctly before, the same exact data is on the coupon. This just stops people from being able to cheat the system.

      • Karen


        Honestly, I don’t think any company would care personally what products you as an individual buy, just which of their products are bought by consumers as a group.

        Unless the store was tracking which products you buy most through your loyalty card and then offering you additional discounts on those items. In which case, I’d be grateful for the extra savings!

        What do you think they could possibly do with this information that you find it disturbing as a privacy issue? I’m just trying to understand your thinking on the issue, not trying to disagree in any way.

  • saveamymoney

    i am in rural texas. they still won’t take internet coupons here. i have to go to town to shop with them.

  • sunny

    yes walgreens has had them since February 1st. I am so glad they are having them done in 6months. No more FRAUD from bad couponers!

    • suesue

      I agree with you. I get so mad when some of the people I know commit coupon fraud and are getting away with it. They are gunna make it where our store will not even take a coupon with all thier fraud.

  • ozzie

    seems like walgreens has updated. i went there last week and they even had samples in the register area