Kotex’s Generation Know & $2.00 U By Kotex Bonus Pack Coupon

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This one is ForTheGirls.   Girl’s , Get in the Know with Kotex & Walmart!

If you have a teen girl or know a teen girl, introduce them to Kotex’s Generation Know.   Kotex wants to empower teen girls to “get in the know” about their bodies and to inspire themselves and their friends.

Generation Know is the first generation of girls coming together to get the facts about their bodies.  Girls can read one of the 3700 + questions already asked,  or ask a question of their own.  Pick a topic, anything from Parents to Exercise, and get Real Answers from the Real Answers Team.

Once you get the Facts,  take “Take Action” by busting myth’s,  breaking the silence and spreading the word  of Generation Know.

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Join Generation Know and sign up for a chance to win , up to $5000 towards an education.   To enter to win, get your exclusive U by Kotex Bonus Pack, exclusively at Walmart, and be apart of Generation Know!  The U by Kotex Bonus Pack features the feminine care products you can depend on from the Kotex brand, as well as the added bonus of a sample of feminine care wipes. Get a coupon for $2 off to get even more of a bonus!  Enter for a chance to win before 5/1/13!

Would you like to win  a U By Kotex Inspiration Prize Pack?   Post photos to Instagram of what inspires and empowers, using the hashtag #GenerationKnowWalmart, and you’ll entered to win a U by Kotex Inspiration Prize Pack from Walmart. The U by Kotex Inspiration Prize Pack from Walmart includes 3 Apple iTunes gift cards, picture frames, nail polish and much more.

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