Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

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Will you be coloring eggs today?  I know we are going to! I bought Kool-Aid last summer for some catalina deal, but we don’t drink it.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, until I found this!

Don’t know what to do with your Kool-Aid? Or perhaps you don’t have any food coloring, here is a good substitute to color your eggs!

Check out the instructions here

Oh and if you don’t want to use it for your eggs – there are some great ideas of what to use Kool-Aid for here.

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  • Claire

    Can’t U just post the instructions? That link took me to a blog, and not the instructions. After scrolling through what seemed like an endless amount of hideous gold pants pictures, I gave up.
    Also, something is up with he comments. It says there aren’t any but before it finished loading, it flickered a comment about how the purple came out gray no matter what they tried.

  • tamara

    Can you use the off brand kool-aid

  • Anonymous

    We did these this past weekend! The purple just came out gray, no matter what we did to it. The only colors that really worked right out of the packet were the red (cherry) and the light blue (blue raspberry lemonade). The kids were not nearly patient enough to let them sit in the color long enough to get the bright colors shown in the picture above. When they finished, we parents took a shot at it, and found that the only way to get RED was to leave an egg in the cherry for over an hour. Not realistic for small children!

    • Anonymous

      so it makes sense to use less water. Another mom said 2 pkgs with 2 T. water gives the brighter colors and I’m sure much faster than one hour.

      • nancy

        check out the koolaide website. the 2 pkgs with 2 T. water is to do a tie dye, which sounds fun but messy. you do it in the sink with wet eggs, pouring color with spoon over egg.

    • Anonymous

      We tried this anfd it was great every color worked except purple. this worked much beter than the kits you buy from the store. We are doing it again this weekend.

  • Irene A

    This is cool Iam going to do this with my niece’s & nephew’s. I would of never thought of doing this with kool aid :)

    • Anonymous

      to get a bright yellow used pina pineapple cool aid very bright yellow

  • Kelly

    Totally doing this from now on. The colors were so much brighter!

  • Mary

    My sister told me about Kool Aid for playdoh, it’s great for that. I never used Kool aid to dye eggs but i do make my own dye from three ingredients most kichens have. 1 tsp. Baking soda(each color), 1TBSP.vinegar, food coloring & 1/4C. water.Put baking soda and color drops in big coffee mug. Add vinegar and stir til dissolved, add water.

  • Grace

    cool! will have to try this next year.

  • I’ve used kool aid packets to color/scent homemade playdoh as well! Never thought to use it for the eggs! This is awesome!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! THANKS – I was not going to color eggs, but now I will definitely try this.

  • We did it earlier…turned out great.

  • jen

    did this last night at camp! colorful eggs :)

  • Scrapper

    We did it today — :)

  • Rachel

    That’s crazy! Great idea!

  • Doing this in a few minutes actually! Hope the kids don’t tie dye my carpet!

  • I did this, too, and I had a bunch of packets still from last summer when they were about 5cents each. Yellow and purple don’t work so well. I used a tumeric and vinegar mix in water for yellow. It took 3 hours, but it is very yellow. I read that if you add some blue to the purple it will be more purple and less gray, but maybe I didn’t add enough. Colors were much more vibrant than the Paas! I will do this again.

  • Chantel

    We are doing this tonight!

  • Lisa

    That’s cool. I’ll have to remember that for next year.

  • Mona

    I love this! I am gonna go get Kool Aid now.

  • Amy

    We did this as well. Blue, green, orange & pink came out the best.

  • Matt

    We did this and they turned out gorgeous! Bright, vibrant colors and no yucky smell!