How to See More FTM Posts on Facebook

I received this message on Facebook from Michelle.  It appears that Facebook is now charging fan pages for people to see what they are writing. I get that Facebook is a business, so I can’t complain about it. For me to promote a post – this is what I  must do – pay $75.00 for you to see it. Well, I post 20 times a day, that means it would be around $1500.00 a day for just 17,000 of the 55,000+ fans on Facebook to see my posts.

As you can guess, FTM won’t be paying to promote posts.  I want you to see FTM posts, so here are some suggestions:

When you come to FTM, be sure to like posts that you enjoy.  Facebook tends to share posts that you share. The more likes posts get on FTM, the more likely you are to see them.

1. Be sure to click the Like Button on the posts you do see on Facebook. This lets Facebook know you want to see FTM posts. Facebook is showing posts on pages that are getting interaction, likes etc.

2. Make sure you click the Liked button and choose Show in News Feed. 

3. Check in on and interact on the FTM page. If you don’t interact, FTM gets dropped from your feed.

So, if you just want another option:

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  • Kristie

    Sounds like just another case of corporate greed to me. It won’t be long before FB charges everyone.

  • Laura

    I totally get FB wants to charge business – afterall they are using this as a way to market their products/business. That’s a smart move, however annoying for some of the fun sites I belong to.

  • Brian

    Most browsers have RSS management built in. I use RSS to read the feeds from all the couponing blogs I follow (such as this one) and that helps me find all the great deals quickly and easily!

  • ronda

    well, i guess that kid didn’t make enough off of his company going public and with all the lawsuits he and others now face he needs money for all his legal trouble. ugh!!!!!!

  • Ellen

    Ridiculous. (Not you….facebook).

  • Heather

    Dislike! Stupid fb

  • t like what facebook is doing I just want to see your post!

  • I don