How To Make Reindeer Food

This is so cute – How to Make Reindeer Food!

So you watched Santa feeding the reindeer — now you can leave a little Reindeer Food so that Santa will make it to your house! We all know how much Reindeers love their treats!

Check out how to make Reindeer food here.

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  • isabelle

    great idea

  • i use to make it with my big sister kathie now she is 18 and i am 15 i want to make it with my little sisters and brother s

  • Jessica Mills Chandler via Facebook

    Thanks for sharing!! I will be doing this tomorrow:)

    • Anonymous

      Same here

  • we’re donig this tomorrow!

  • Renee Zalot Smiley – :(

  • Maggie

    Thank you for sharing , you do such great job.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family<3

  • They did this @ my daughters daycare this week…

  • Damica Mitchell Jackson via Facebook

    I did this in Kindergarten 30 years ago. :)

  • Mary Steigerwalt Lichtenwalner via Facebook

    Love this! We have this as one of our crafts at the PTO Family night. The kids love it!!

  • Missy Mae-Hor via Facebook

    never mind.. the top one does.. the bottom one didn’t.. I must have tried that one twice :)

  • Missy Mae-Hor via Facebook

    I might be doing something wrong.. but the links don’t take me to making reindeer food.. it takes me to a reindeer video

  • Renee Zalot Smiley via Facebook

    we used to do this every yr but my kids are not into it anymore :(

    • chloe

      it dose not tell me anything!!!!!!!!!