Homemade Sugar Hand Scrub


By: Amy

With the Holidays coming up, I have decided instead of buying big pricey presents for people, I would look around to see what homemade gifts I could make with some of the items I can find at a great buy. Low and behold I came across this recipe for Homemade Hand Scrub. How much better could it get..all you need is Dawn, Sugar and an empty container.

Many times the P&G insert has coupons for Dawn, which goes on sale frequently at CVS. I am a huge coffee fan, so I always have plenty of sugar on hand.

Here is what I did:

I used the pink Dawn with Olay Hand Renew, a mason jar to measure 1 cup of sugar, and an empty Bath and Body Works Shower Gel container. (At first I tried a empty Dial soap container with a pump, but the mixture is to thick to come out of the pump)

I mixed the Dawn and Sugar together in the mason jar, using about 1/2 of a 9oz bottle of Dawn. I used a knife to mix it around, you may use whatever you prefer to stir.

This is what it looks like all mixed together.

Dump it into your empty bottle, and your hand scrub is ready to use.


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  • Yvonne b.

    Do the coffee grounds stain your skin

  • ellenur

    Sounds good and interesting. I may give this a try….thank you for this recipe!!!!

  • Sara

    A coarse sugar works best for cleansing. Scrubs are recommended no more than once a week. Also, because this is perishable (all store products have additives in them that make them shelf-stable — meaning preservatives), store it in the fridge or head out to your health foods store and pick up a small bottle of citric acid. You can find this in the essential oils aisle. Add two or three drops to your sugar scrub mixture and stir. This should add a month or two of shelf life to your product and keep it out of the fridge.

    Also, for an added kick (and if you want to keep your sugar mixture fine without splurging on raw sugar), mix in coffee grounds! The extra caffeine will wake up your skin and give it extra tightening. Use a coarse grind for a body scrub and a super-fine grind for your face.

    NOTE: Be VERY sparing with this when mixing in essential oils. It is not something you want to rub on your bare skin. Essential oils can be very irritating when coming into contact with skin. Use common sense and wash off with soap and water.

    • Sara

      My own recipe for a scrub is this:
      1/4 c. raw sugar OR coffee grounds
      2 tablespoons olive oil OR grapeseed oil (the vitamin E is excellent for your skin!)
      2 or 3 drops citric acid essential oil
      2 or 3 drops tea tree oil (if oily skin)

      In a shatterproof container, mix sugar or coffee and oil until desired consistency is reached, adding more oil as needed. Follow with usual cleansing routine.

  • Pat

    Is this the type of scrub that makes your hands nice and soft? So, do you dampen your hands, rub it in, then rinse?

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Pat,
      When I use my hand scrub, I use it like any other kind of hand soap just dab some on rub my hands together and wash it off. It does make your hand soft and smelling great afterwards :)

      • diana c.

        due to the olay of course lol

  • diana c.

    is any kind(type) of sugar okay?

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Diana, I’m assuming any type of sugar would work, I used regular granulated sugar (that is the part that is the “scrub”)

      • diana c.

        i figured its the part that is the scrub since its sugar lol just wanted to know if it were a particular sugar thks!