Got Coupons? Help the PA Flood Victims


I feel like just about every week there is some sort of weather devastation lately.

I live in Pennsylvania and many of the FTM readers are in this area.  As many of you know, parts of Pennsylvania suffered severe flooding from Hurricane Irene then Tropical Store Lee.  You can see some of the flooding here.  (warning – some really intense images included that may upset children).

If you can spare coupons, There are two specific needs that long time reader Heather is requesting for her area. Some people have lost everything.

Coupons for:
  • Cleaning Items
  • Baby Items
  • Household Items
  • Food Items
  • Formula Checks
  • Pet
The daycare in their area (which many people rely on to work) has lost everything. They are accepting donations for baby products as well.
The business collecting these items is called Still Chic Boutique.
You can mail any coupons/donations to:
Still Chic Boutique
1 Kim Ave Ste 3
Tunkhannock, PA 18657

Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Middletown, PA is accepting coupons and donations to help the homeless, displaced, and needy families effected by the flooding. Donations can be brought directly to the church and coupons can be sent to:

Glad Tidings Assembly of God
190 Fulling MIll Road
Middletown, PA 17057


Thanks everyone for your consideration.
If your community is in need of help, please feel free to email me with where donations can be sent. I plan on doing another post on Friday afternoon with any other listings.


  1. Erin

    The college I am at would like to do a clothing drive for the people affected by the flood. Is there anywhere that we can drop the clothes off at? Many people are willing to help, but I just lack a place where people can take these donations…Any information will be appreciated.

  2. Jenn

    I was so surprised a few weeks ago when I actually won an envelope full of coupon inserts, I had know idea what to do with all of the coupons!……Now I know why I won! They are in the mail today! I tried to sort them by the requests, so hopefully it helps!

  3. Ashley

    I will go through my coupons and mail them out tonight! I also posted this on my Facebook page, so hopefully the word will spread!

  4. Linda

    Just a thought for anyone sending coupons…
    Are you putting them in a ziplock bag before mailing?
    One other place that I mail expred coupons to suggests you do this so they don’t get ripped or damaged as they are mailed.
    They suggest sandwich or snack size bags. Just wanted to make sure the coupons are useable when they get there.

  5. Andrea

    More of the same here in Lycoming County (and neighboring counties. Bridges, businesses, homes & roads destroyed. Photos and more info. here

    Donations are being accepted at
    Our Lady of Lourdes Church
    100 Walnut Street
    Montoursville, PA 17754

    Still in need of cleaning supplies, sponges (none in the area last I heard), Disinfectant spray…
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Shannon

      Are they accepting coupons?

  6. Jennifer

    I’m in Southern California and am happy to send coupons. I don’t have a baby any more (she is 17), but I still collect diaper etc coupons, I will put them in the mail:)

  7. Liesa

    Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Middletown, PA is accepting coupons and donations to help the homeless, displaced, and needy families effected by the flooding. Donations can be brought directly to the church and coupons can be sent to:

    Glad Tidings Assembly of God
    190 Fulling MIll Road
    Middletown, PA 17057

    There were many new faces who came out for food, water, and personal care items last night. We are delivering care packages to families in the Harrisburg/Middletown /Hummelstown/Hershey/Elizabethtown Areas. Thank you in advance!!!

    • Shannon

      Liesa you got it.

  8. Julie

    Horrendous! So saddening. :( My dads home was on the riverfront and was a total loss but the worst of it is his kitty has been missing since the flood. She is microchipped so were hoping he gets a call from a shelter or animal rescue. I have lots of products I can donate in person. Do u know where I can drop them?

    • Shannon


      You can drop them at the boutique.

  9. Deidre

    Western, Pa couponers are here to help! Coupons will be in the mail tomorrow. I’ll also post this on my website The Sugar-Free Couponer. I use to live in central PA and I’m so sorry for the devastation. Please reply with any additional addresses to send coupons or items to.

    • Beth

      The Bloomsburg area could use any help it could get.
      Since you lived in Central PA, you may have heard of the Bloomsburg Fair. (If not, it’s the largest state fair in PA) This year would have been the 157th annual. It’s so bad here, the board hands down unanimously voted to cancel it. That however is the least of thoughts to our town residents as they are in a warzone right now. It’s just so awful, words cannot even express the severity.
      Donations can be made to:
      19 E. 7th Street
      Bloomsburg, PA 17815
      Thank you, nothing will go unappreciated.

  10. Beth

    I live in Bloomsburg and it is complete devastation. It’s heartbreaking to see so much of my town utterly destroyed. Homes completely gone; washed off their foundations and collapsed. You can’t imagine how bad it is. Roads, bridges…just gone like they were nothing. Water is just being restored to residents today.
    I already took my entire stockpile and donated it. I left myself nothing but whatever was opened & used; I don’t need like my town does.
    Thank you for posting this because everything helps and all the people in all the PA area’s will appreciate it. It’s been a very humbling experience for many.

  11. Nancy

    BTW, thanks Shannon…all this couponing is so much more about helping others than just getting that weekly “deal.” I wish they’d show that on “That show!” This IS what it’s all about…and I think couponers have the biggest hearts!

  12. Karen

    I live in Lebanon County and it is so sad to see the piles and piles of garbage outside people’s homes who got flooded and lost so much.

  13. Nancy

    I’m in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, but just a stone’s throw away from the people of West Pittston and all the other areas mentioned…Bloomsburg, Berwick, Tunkhannock…they lost a lot. My husband last week was trapped up in Wyalusing because of the floods. It’s been horrible. He was in an area that became an island, thank God. However, our news casts were running 24/7 and thank God again that the levy didn’t break because it would have been another Agnes (1972), which I was around for, although only 9 years old. This was worse for those that suffered and are still suffering. My mom in a nursing home in Kingston was evacuated; thank God, again, that the levy held up. I’ve been traveling through the flood zones that are open to the public (many still are not) and it’s horrible. My prayers and thoughts are with those that are going through this ordeal. I ask that those who never have to go through this to help those that are going through it. It’s complete devastation all around this area. And the film from Hershey and that area was so sad to watch. Where do you even start is my initial thought. God bless, and I only pray for all flood victims to find a way to cope and a way to come back from this disaster.

  14. Kristina

    Thanks for this posting and thanks for all the posting you do. I work in Middletown and school is reopening tomorrow. Thanks to couponing (your post help guide my couponing) I was able to donate loads of items from my stockpile to help those that I work with. The flooding in the area was bad and even the schools took a hard hit but the community has banded together and has gathered tons of items to help hundreds of families. So, thanks for your postings and thanks to anyone who has helped or will help. Even the smallest amount makes a difference.

  15. Jeremy

    Live in the berwick area and bloomsburg is a war zone. Alot of people down there lost everything. Thanks for posting this as they will need all the help they can get.

  16. Jennifer

    Thanks Shannon, I reposted on my facebook page. I recently moved from outside of Philadelphia, so almost all of my facebook friends and family are still up there. Hoping to get all the help I can. I’ll be going through my binder and pulling out as much as I can.

  17. Christina W

    I have some $5 formula checks I can send them and some $3 ones as I am still not sure why I am getting them. :)

  18. jihana

    I live in PA-19018. i want to donate items. But the place above is very far for me. Is there any other near place where i can donate? i will also mail Formula check/baby food coupon.

  19. Karen

    Thank you Shannon, this is a wonderful idea. I was evacuated here in Swoyersville, but fortunately my home was spared (thank God the levee held in Forty Fort or I think I would have lost everything). The damage is just unimaginable until you actually see it…it is truly devestating. Just a few blocks away from where I evacuated to, most homes were almost completely destroyed. Most people did not have flood insurance.

    • Nancy

      Hi Karen. I’m in Laflin, just over the cross valley basically, and I remember Swoyersville being inundated in 1972. I’m so glad you were spared. It’s a horrible tragedy for those that have to come back home and see the unimaginable.

  20. Laura CHubb

    baby formula checks and coupons in the mail tonight!!

    • Shannon

      Laura thank you so much – I know they will all appreciate it.

  21. Melanie

    Yes, it’s horrible. I have to travel alot for work and I go to those areas. While my home was safe from flooding we did lose electricity for a week and had to throw out everything in the refrigerator. It’s very expensive to replenish all that. I’m sure that people in the area would appreciate coupons.

    • Shannon

      yep its a very easy thing to donate. Some people just dont have the money to mail products, so the coupons work out well.

  22. sarah

    Tunkhannock was hit so hard by the flash floods, there were roof tops floating down the river! Such a scary sight!
    I am trying to get the factory where I work to be a donation sight for the employees to be able to drop off items. Most of the employees are from Luzerne county but not the areas that were affected, while one of our newest guys lost everything when his roof caved in, he lived on Rt 11 near Nanticoke. The HR dept is giving me the run around but I will not give up, with the 400+ people in the building every day I hope we can make a difference :)
    The Red Cross has also set up shop somewhere local (not sure exactly where, it was on the news WNEP this morning) to collect NEW cleaning supplies.

    • Nancy

      Yes Sarah, WNEP is helping. I saw that today as well. The address is a Scranton address, but I’m assuming that’s because that’s where the headquarters are. I can’t even believe what they called Agnes was a “100 year flood,” and it’s only 39 years and it’s happened again. KRZ also did a cleaning supplies donation thing this past weekend at two Wal-Marts in the area. They collected cleaning supplies for the flood victims.

  23. Catherine

    Thanks for doing this! I just wanted to say that I live less than a mile down the road from where that picture was taken in the Hershey/Hummelstown area. I drove through there this morning, and while the water is gone, everything is coated with mud and 2 business were destroyed (Wendy’s and Pizza Hut).

    Fortunately, we did not have any major damage, but there will be a lot of rebuilding in the coming weeks and months.

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