FTM Coupon Database Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the coupon database. I had many requests for an overview of how to use it. The video is about 3 minutes long and shares the step by step on how to search for a coupon.

If the video is too small to see, you can view it directly here. You can make it a full size screen to see things closer.

You can access the database directly here. I hope this database will allow you to find all the coupons you are looking for! Leave any questions in the comments.

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  • Marie

    Can I get a copy/list anywhere of what coupons are in each section of the Sunday Paper coupon inserts by dates

  • Teresa

    Thank you so much and God bless you for sharing the information.

  • Lindy

    nice video!

  • Deborah

    Thanks, I’m sure I’ll find the database to be very handy!

    Is there any way we can add items to the database? For example, I have the summer savings booklet from Giant in PA, and I don’t think any matchup blogs include these coupons.

  • Janet

    Love your website Shannon. Just wondering though – after I locate the exact coupon I want in the coupon database, how do I get my hands on the printable ones? Do I leave the database or is there an easy way to pick and choose which to print right from the results?

    • Shannon

      if you click the link it will take you to the printable in a new window to print that coupon. Most coupons are on a separate page (bricks). Look for the hyperlinked Printable in column 4.

  • sreekanth

    its really very nice & useful

  • Autumn

    IMO: I thought is was self-explanatory but thank you for your time! :)

    • Shannon


      I had many people who asked for the video on Facebook because they were confused, so while I did think it was self explanatory, hopefully it will help those who were confused :)

  • It’s funny because I hate mine, too (too nasaly). But yours sounded great to me.

  • Stephanie

    You go girl! I love your site!!! I SAVE a bundle.
    GREAT JOB!!!! xoxox

  • The video was great — and what a wonderful idea to post one!

    • Shannon

      @Harry Martin,

      Ugh Harry my voice.. terrible terrible terrible. :)

      • Dara

        I love your site too! I dont understand where the Pier One coupon is though….you advertise for it and then its not listed under your stores, if you do a search, ughhhh. Am I doing something wrong??? Someone please help me!!!

  • katie

    This is such a great feature. Thank you so much for making couponing that much easier.