Discount Shopping Trip $14.96 {No Coupons}

I made a quick trip to the Discount/Scratch and Dent Store.  I did not use any coupons for this trip. None of the items purchased were expired.  {sometimes scratch and dent items are past their “best used by dates}”.

I as able to pick up :

  • (2) McCann Oatmeals $1.00 ea.
  • (1) Kashi Go Lean Oatmeal $1.00
  • (1) Kashi Crackers $.50
  • Gold Whole Wheat Flour $.50
  • (2) Dole Fruit Sensations $.50 ea.
  • (6) Poland Spring Waters $1.50 for all
  • (2) Sensationable Potato Sticks $.20 ea.
  • (2) Feed Granola $1.29 ea.
  • (2) Organic Wolfgang Puck Vegetable Broth $1.00 ea.
  • (1) EarthGrains Bread $1.99
  • (1) Cascadian Farms Granola Bars $.99


Not to bad for everything that I picked up. We needed some flour (since I am experimenting with bread recipes) and Evan needed a few snacks.

Do you shop any discount stores?

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  • J. Smith

    Sharp Shopper has saved me tons of money as well! Their stores are larger than a lot of other grocery outlets that sell grocery closeouts. They have been expanding their Produce buys lately, so that’s exciting as well. I have recently been following them on facebook at

  • Rainey

    I live in So Calif Los Angeles area, I have never heard of a scratch/dent store. Is that the name of the store? I have heard of them from places like sears on appliances but not food.

    • Shannon

      No that is not the name. They are usually called discount stores.

  • Kristyn

    i live in southern lancaster county and have been wanting to go to sharp shopper for some time now. i love seeing the good reviews. maybe next time i’m in the upper part of the county, i’ll plan to go. i’m less than a mile from a BBs, so i’ll just stick with that for now.

  • Monica

    I’ve been making bread for my family since this past August and this is the best bread recipe I’ve found. Over time, I upped the recipe to use just whole wheat flour (no all purpose) and my family loves it. I’ve also changed two ingredients based off cost and trying to use less processed ingredients – but the recipe was great the way it was…Instead of honey, I use molasses (much cheaper) and instead of oil, I’m using butter. Enjoy!

  • Kim

    Does anyone know of this type of store in Southern California? Thanks!

  • amber

    I like Amelia’s in the Lancaster County, PA area. The lunchmeat and cheese deals at Sharp Shopper in Ephrata are great too!

    • Shannon


      someone want to tell me where Sharp Shopper is :) I googled it, cannot find it.

      • amber

        The Ephrata location is just off Rt 322 north of Ephrata
        There’s also one on Rt 23 in Leola (17540). I misspoke– I was thinking of Glenwood Foods in Ephrata (1614 Division Highway Ephrata, PA 17522) when I said about lunch meat and cheeses. I’ve never bought lunch meat from SS.

        Hope this helps!

        • Shannon


          Thanks Amber.. I will check out both!

        • Shannon


          Thanks Amber.. going to take a visit there this weekend :)

  • Sarah

    I hit many of the ones mentioned as well. Just found Sharp Shopper in Harrisburg area, but they’re closed due to flooding right now. Amelia’s is pretty good too, and right by my home. We hit Hornings in Bethel and south of Myerstown, as well as a BB’s. It’s about an hour drive for us, but definitely worth the trip! We go probably every other month or so. Plus, there are several places along the way I can pick up raw milk (for 3.00 or 3.50/gal), so that’s a treat for us as well.

  • Sarah

    Wish we had those kind of stores here in Louisiana :( of course there is never anything cool when you live in the sticks!!! ughh

    • Shannon


      oh Sarah, I live in the sticks too! I can relate. I have to drive 25 miles to get to the good stuff!

  • I try to hit a discount store once a month, as they are a little farther out of my way. I love Sharp Shoppers in Ephrata, a great place to get lunch meats and cheese, on my last trip I scored 4-packs of dole smoothies for $0.99 and they usually have the large Fruitable drinks for $0.99. They also have a great “bulk food” aisle stocked with spices, pastas, snacks and specialty items. My advice for Sharp Shopper is pay attention to the pricing, just because it’s in the store doesn’t make it a great deal. My other favorite store is BB’s in Morgantown, that’s my stock up store for juice boxes, canned soda, bottled water and baby food (when they have it). They also have a variety of organic items mixed in on the shelves. I can usually find some sort of organic snacks and stock up on those whenever i come across them.

  • Gwen

    I sometimes go to Green Hills Farm Discount Grocer in Lititz.
    Sometimes the boxes and cans are expired, so you have to be careful. But they have a deli counter, and it’s got super cheap meats and cheeses and a big selection. Dollars less per pound than at the grocery store. And it all tastes just fine!

    • Shannon


      I have never been there, may have to try that one!

  • Arie

    How do you find these stores? I tried googling “bump and bruise grocery store” and got back a bunch of nonrelavant results.

    I’m in Upstate NY. Any help that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

    • Shannon


      Try your phone book. I know I know, weird suggestion, but thats where I find some. Also, ask around, they usually are very obscure.

  • Bree

    I’m glad to read so many positive comments about these discount stores and the deals readers are able to get; I’ve been to a “bumps and bruises” store once, and well, it scared me lol. Lets just say that the stuff was not “sellable,” if that’s a word, nor edible. I guess that one experience kind of made me extremely reluctant to check out any more.

  • Jennifer Plank

    Here is a link to the awesome, no knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread. We can polish off a loaf in no time but we are trying to limit our carbs so we have been cutting back. Hope you enjoy. I bake mine at 350 for about 30 minutes as I do not like it too brown. I do add extra brown sugar to the center before I roll it. It is really easy and forgiving.

  • Jennifer Plank

    We have a couple stores by us that I absolutely LOVE. We have a B&D discount that is a little far from my home but near my mom and then there is an R grocery very close to me. I get some great deals. Also, if you are looking for a great bread recipe, I make an awesome cinnamon raisin bread at least once, if not twice, a week. Let me know if you are interested in the recipe.

  • Faith

    I would love to find one of these in North or Central Jersey. I do go to the discount stores (usually run by an immigrant), but that’s only good for some generic spices or a few bags of chips. The rest of the items are mostly “you get what you pay for” – either junk or really not a bargain.

  • dizzymommy73

    We have Bakery Outlets for many major national brands, I always go and get breads, cakes, cookies, you name it from them and generally pay much less then with coupons.

  • Kelly

    I love Sharp Shopper too, we have one here in Ephrata. When my sister and her husband moved in down the street from the Main Line Philadelphia area, she has said it’s saved her so much money there compared to the supermarkets near where she used to live!

  • Holly

    I go to Sunset in Lebaon, PA and sometimes to Hornings in Bethal, PA!

    • Rie


      Do you know that you can use coupons at Sunset outlet?? When my daughter was little, I used to get name brand diapers from there. It was a lot of help!

      • Anonymous

        What is the address? I can’t seem to find it online

  • We used to live near a Big Lots and it was hit or miss. An Ollie’s just opened near our home and my first visit was a success. I found organic honey $3.29 for 16 oz!

  • Caroline

    We have Sharp Shopper in Harrisonburg, VA. It’s fantastic!

    • Sheila

      @Caroline, Hey, I shop there! Someone said they accept coupons. Do you know if that is true?

      • Caroline

        @Sheila, They don’t. I called to ask once. There’s also Finders Keepers on Waterman Drive. Again, no coupons and deals aren’t as good as Sharp Shopper but still better than grocery store prices if you don’t have the right coupons.

    • Sharon

      @Caroline, Totally agree! I go to Sharp Shopper in Middletown. By far, a favorite store!!!

  • Paige Harshbarger

    I wish that I we had one here in my area of NJ. I remember my mother feeding all seven of us for cheap when I was a child at the one in Marion,NC.

  • Melissa G

    What store did you get all these great deals at?

    • coley2123

      @Melissa G,
      I second this one: what store were these items from?

      • Shannon


        from a small discount store near me. they are all items that have flaws in the boxes.

  • Kristyn

    i sure do! i love our local store “bumps and bruises” store! in fact, i just scored some .50 flour not too long ago!! :) but you really do need to check expiration dates!

  • jenn

    Yes we do its called smart shopper in knox, pa

    • Jenna

      I go to the Sharp Shopper in Knox all the time! I love that place! We must live nearby, Jenn…

    • Scotty

      hey! I also go to Sharp Shopper in Knox!! I love that place! we go around the first of every month.. it is great! they have stuff so cheap there! They now have Gluten Free foods, witch is nice too! (i have to eat gluten free) Maybe i have been both of you before!! haha