Can I Share My Kindle Books? | Ask FTM

Reader Lisa J. writes:

Shannon, I love the free Kindle Ebooks that you post.  I have well over 200 books on my Kindle App (I use my phone) and haven’t paid for a single one!  My Mom just got a Kindle and she would like to read some of the books that I have downloaded.  Is there a way to share my kindle ebooks with her?

Well the answer is yes, kinda.  If lending is allowed on a book, you can “lend” it for 14 days to another person. You may only lend each book once.    Amazon has allowed the publisher to decide if a book is sharable.

When you are looking for a book, you can tell if it is lendable if it has “lending enabled”.

If you have already purchased a book, you can tell by looking under the Actions in your Manage Your Kindle  Section of Amazon.

Under actions, you will see “Loan this Title”.   To lend the book, you will just need the email address of the person you are sending it to.

You can get more information on Lending Kindle Books.  You can see all the free Kindle Books here.  Remember, you don’t actually need a  kindle to read these books!

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  • Lindsay

    One other idea is if two people have Kindles and want to share books- register both the Kindles under the same name. This way the books can go back and forth on the Kindles with no problem because Kindle treats them as if you are sharing them with yourself, even if the Kindle actually belongs to a friend or family member.

  • Dana Slaughter

    I have a Nook Color. Does anyone know any freebies out there? Would also like to lend books with someone. I’m new at it! Thanks.

  • Ginger

    You can also use it’s pretty awesome and you can use for kindle, or nook.