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I wanted to update you on buying coupons on Ebay. If you rely on Ebay as a source or sell coupons on Ebay, you may want to read up on this new policy.  I also thought this was an interesting part of the policy: Also, you can’t claim that the price of the coupon is based on the value of the labor involved in clipping the coupons instead of the coupons themselves. Under eBay rules, the coupons themselves are the items being sold.

We’re writing to let you know that as of today, updates to eBay’s manufacturer’s coupon policy take effect and may impact your listings:

  • Sellers can only sell up to a maximum of $100 value in coupons or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month, whichever limit is reached first. (The 25 coupons limit includes multiple coupons purchased from a multi-quantity listing.)
  • Coupons for “free” products-including coupons where the coupon holder buys some quantity of items at one price and gets some number of items for free, for example, “buy-get-one-free” offers, or offers for free shipping-may no longer be sold on eBay.
  • Starting September 1, 2013, listings for these coupons that don’t comply with these policy changes will be removed. After September 1, listings in violation of this policy may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of buying and selling privileges and a suspension of your account.
Please be sure to review all the terms of the updated policy .

Thanks, Dawn & Grace

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  • Coupon Lady

    I have loads of inserts

  • Ruth

    I rely on eBay for coupons because I shop for a lot of people. This will really impact me. However, a lot of the sellers on eBay have their own websites and I will just have to find a better way of buying coupons.

  • Patricia

    Can someone recommend coupon clipping services that are not on ebay? I am getting the shakes just imagining no coupons on ebay! (I would go to a self-help group for extreme couponers, but I don’t think I have a problem ;) Thanks so much!

  • Jean

    I am under the impression they are listing new coupons until Sept 1 not just waiting for the listing to time out???? I don’t like to buy from Ebay because you have great sellers and then some that take forever to ship to you, it’s a real gamble. I get my coupons most from West Coast Clipping. They have a great selection and great prices but I also like that I can contact them anytime via email or text and they respond! Also they tell you exactly when they will be posting the new coupons so I don’t have to stalk their site or watch an Auction or pay separate shipping fees. I have bought from Ebay before and I think it’s sad that they are ripping the rug out from under so many people, sellers and buyers. I think it’s over kill….I wonder if they were facing a lawsuit of some kind?

  • Natalie

    So does that mean this goes into effect September 1st and we can still sell until then?

    • Zak

      It sounds to me like no new listing can violate those rules (effective immediately), and the September 1st deadline is when current listings will be removed.

  • Katherine

    I agree that is so not cool!

    • Katherine

      Also, is this is their best interest? Do they now have to have more people watching coupon listings? And I am sure they were making money off of this. Well, I will have to do some ebay shopping before Sept 1.

  • I actually think that the not allowing free coupons is a good thing. So many people abuse that…they get coupons for free from companies in exchange for review etc. and instead sell them. But I still think they could allow B1G1’s.

  • Jen G

    Oh that stinks! :(

    • Cristina

      This totally stinks.